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Braving the storm !


I’m going on holiday tomorrow, and we are supposed to be having a storm or two. Really hoping that I don’t have to delay my journey. Looking forward to a week of peace & quiet – the world seems too loud for me at times recently. Small cottage right by the sea – I’ve packed all my stuff and I really cant wait ! No weekend sales post this week sorry ❤

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Zan’s Back – Now Im Off !


Zan has returned from her break and now I’m off on mine – we don’t plan it that way seriously! I’ll be heading off on Tuesday and back late Friday – a few days in the countryside for rest and relaxation – uhm and a bit of Christmas shopping – seriously cant wait I’m dead tired and out of energy !


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Vacation In Second Life – Shhhh its a secret!

Vacation in Second Life 1

I scoped the Rizzi Hotel out last year when I was looking for some where to spend some time celebrating an anniversary – it didn’t happen BUT I knew it was a place I wanted to vacation at – and I did it ! Both Zan and I are having a bit of a rough ride in real life so I decided to take a couple of days out of my Second Life home and book into this amazing hotel. Its so realistic and very glamorous. I checked in at reception and chose a junior suite, just $250L per night, so I booked for two nights. There are larger suites and a penthouse and also villas on the beach. Seriously loved the elevator ride to to my eighth floor suite. Views were amazing ! Each suite is decorated so beautifully, there is nothing else you could possibly need – you are given a small prim allowance but there was nothing my suite lacked. All the furnishings & décor were simply the best by the top designers in Second Life. The whole place is secure and safe, no unwanted crashers here!

Vacation in Sec ond Life 2

Day one I spent mooching around. On the ground floor are a couple of boutiques well worth a look at. I hung out by the pool, tried the jet skis – brilliant fun ! Then slid into the spa area to make use of the facilities on offer. It wasn’t overly busy but there were a few people dotted about. It was so lovely sitting to have coffee by the beach and seeing people chatting. One group of ladies had been to the onsite gym and were all dressed accordingly. I loved my time there as a singleton, but it would be awesome to spend time there as a couple also. Definitely will return to the Rizzi, I returned to my own home refreshed and relaxed.

Hotel Rizzi

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Neve @ Tres Chic

Just got this release in time to pack for my Second Life vacation ! This is “Iris” , it comes in four different packs, each with its own mix & match Hud. Available now at the latest round of Tres Chic. Such a pretty little frock, easy to wear and perfect for the sunny weather we have at the moment in the UK.

Each panel of the dress can be changed ! Ultimate in flexibility, so grab a pack and fool around – love it – thanks Neve team ❤

Soooo yes, I’ve decided to take a Second Life holiday – I dont mean Im leaving SL , I am taking an actual SL vacation. I have been looking around for daysss to find the perfect little bolt hole and Zan helped me find just the sweetest place to rest my mesh toes for a couple of weeks. I’m viewing it as I would a real life holiday, I’m “packing”, buying new clothes to take away with me – am I mad? Nah – I was supposed to be on holiday next week in Cornwall – but of course it was cancelled – so what the heck, despite having the most glorious sim in all of SL (well I think so) I’m moving out to my little “holiday home” – blog to come !

PS. I will still be blogging !

Tres Chic


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Oh La La !


I know I know I was only just there last month – but I am off again ! Actually I will be located about 30 minutes outside Paris and I doubt if this time I will venture into the city centre. This is a rest stop and spa time .

I will be away for a week but you know Zan will keep you company with some great finds and things to do.

Do take a peek at Fifty Linden Friday this week – some fantastic items, I snapped up three pairs of the GOS boots and both items from What Next ❤

Fifty Linden Friday

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Paris Bound

Oh my gosh – YES I am off to Paris again ! I could try to convince you as a self employed business owner its all a bit difficult and not very cost effective to keep going away – but the truth is – I need a break, infact several breaks after the last few months of 70 hour weeks! So off I go with my little Acer notebook which cant run Second Life for a total break from EVERYTHING ❤ (I prolly shouldn’t admit to this but I’m going to Paris in November too !!!) Au revoir xxx


We’re all going on a summer holiday

G&N Quality Design & Woman(ity)

Well it sure feels like it after scouring the internet for flights all afternoon yay! Yes indeedy it is time to think ahead to those lazy hazy days of summer…G&N have this sweet gift out for you currently…capris,blouse,hat & a pair of flats ! No group join, no fee’s, no fuss..just pop along and snap it up and enjoy the outfit! I must say I was pleasantly prim fiddling required..hat fitted purfectly..yay for G&N! I’m also wearing a skin from Woman(ity), called Danielle, it’s just 10L at the moment (little bag by the lipsticks, go left as you enter the store) you can also get a pack of lipsticks for it for only 100L! The skin is a peach, super pretty face, great body detailing and a really subtle skin tone..lovely!

Go get pretty : G&N                     Woman(ity)