It was a perfect day


It was a good day..it rained here…then the sun shone..and everything got misty and humid…we had the most beautiful sunset…ahhh what-a-day. To finish it off…Ive got some prettiness @ sunset…with beachwear…above is the new group gift from =blu= by blueshush..its incredible..so much in one little box..the vintage lime green bikini is delectable (you all know I lovvve greeen right?) it comes with a towel to sling over your shoulder..some sunnies..a bracelet and even a pair of slip on beach shoes..a fantastique gifty ! Take a look around the store while you’re there..some cuter-than-cute items !

Player was sporting a rather cool pair of jeans the other night, I asked him where they were from and he said Utopia..I really didn’t recall ever go going there *gasp* I know ! Sooo off we went to mooch about and I saw this deelicious bikini..as a gift..I naturally snaffled it up and I’m happy I did..its gorgeous…I might even have to go back and buy it in other coloursssss ! Fabulous texturing and..

It comes with this glitzy hip wrap…yumm..you’ll find the Ibiza bikini on the upper level of the chicks dept. Guys, go over and take a wander…seriously awesome clothing for you too!

Go get a pretty sunset: =blu=     Utopia

For the curious: all hair by Truth,poses by hate me eat me,skin by curio,lip gloss by glamorize


Diamonds are Forever

Well not really, only until April 11 actually. Another great hunt is going on at the moment across the grid, called the Diamond is Mine Hunt #2. It started on March 14 and will go until, as I mentioned, April 11. There is a large number of awesome stores involved and today I’ve got a couple that I’ve picked up to show you.

First up is the ‘Unisex White Suit’ from Shiki. As you’d expect from Shiki, this is a fantastically coloured outfit, the white is bright and crisp looking, I love it.  The Unisex White Suit includes the unisex jacket and a pair of white dress pants for both men and women. The lapel, cuffs and bottom of the jacket attachments come in both male and female versions and they both fit and look wonderful. The bottom of the jacket hangs slightly open so if you wear it as I have, without a shirt beneath, it will cheekily show off some belly skin.

The second is an outfit so good that Faith had to point it out  to me. Utopia is a new store to me though judging from this outfit, I’ll be paying them visits often in the future. The outfit Utopia has contributed to this hunt is a beauty. It features a sensational grey v-neck pullover, white shirt and black mustang pants. The pullover and shirt can either be worn together or separately and the shirt itself comes in two versions: closed or open in short sleeves. The short sleeve cuffs for the shirt look brilliant with a nice-looking strap holding them up. The shirts by themselves are very cool, rough-looking and extremely casual but worn all together this outfit is at its best I think. I can’t wait to go back and see what else they’ve got.

The Diamond is Mine Hunt #2 features items for both men and women and from the looks of these two outfits, it’s definitely worth checking out. You can find a full list of the items and their SLurls here: http://sophiarossen.blogspot.com/

Get the gear here:

Picture #1: Shiki (Hint: Use this instead of walking)

Picture #2: Utopia (Hint: Somewhere behind the men’s casual teleporter)