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Yes, I’m back and I’ve got the goods

Apologies for my AWOL few weeks – but I know Zan has been keeping you fed with all sorts of groovy gear ! As soon as I saw the new releases from Neve my blogging juices perked up – these new items just have to have THEE most options ever! You can get your paws on the new goodies at the latest round of Uber. Sooo whats in the box? The Jay top comes in plain, striped and logo packs, undershirt on, off, sheer. The Low pants come in plaids, plains and camo’s – with panties on or off, plain waist band or logo waistband.

Grab yourself a demo and try it all out – fat pack for the win! I love love love plaid anything – love how you can get a lot of different looks with just 2 items. Fits include: Maitreya Lara, Slink physique & Hourglass, Belleza Isis & Freya natural. Thanks Neve team ❤


Uber Cam Shopping

Neve Blog for all info & pics

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Urban Legend

LUXE Paris Urban ripped jeans & tank NEW!

Oh yes – we have sun ! So my thoughts in Second Life turn to the beautiful beaches. Luxe Paris have just released this snappy two piece outfit. Urban ripped jeans and a cute-as-you-like drawstring tank. You should get the perfect fit as in the box are the following sizes: Compatible with standard avatars, Maitreya, Slink & Belleza mesh bodies. Im wearing the items over my Slink Physique mesh body, only alphas I used from the Slink HUD were for the legs – brilliant fit!

Luxe Paris

Luxe Paris market place store

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Cool Blue

I fancied a virtual cool off this mawnin…its been so muggy and clammy here the last few days ! So I slipped into my newness from “Argyle Anonymous”, the sooper two-tone leggings & Lace tank. (oh yus and I have the denim Janes on- lovelovelove them!) Easy to wear…no prim fiddling required and a whole-heapa-coolio for your summer wardrobe

There’s stacks of colours to choose from..but I just fell in love with this frosty blue…oh AND the store has had a makeover…its rather plush and stylish…think spotlights and sleek black…oh AND..boys theres stuffage for you now!! Prices from around 69L for a pair of boy jeans ! Now for the bit where you neeeed to listen…When you land…and dont ask me why…(cause I have NO idea) walk down the pathway towards the little rows of flags &’ll see Argyle Anon on the left buttttt…take a right and head towards the store with the massive balloon over it..thats the new store! (and haz all the new gear)

Go get icey: Argyle Anonymous       Photo taken on location here : Frost


Im forever blowing…Bubblez…pretty Bubblez in the airrrr…



LAWD !! 

I have a MEGA blog for you !! I was told about this store and headed over there, wasnt expecting such generosity from the designer though *faints*, seriously…GO…Iam awed by the quality and sheer diversity of whats on offer. Bubblez are celebrating re-opening their  store..and youre in for a TREAT !! I can’t stress enough..each outfit is not only fabulous but the shoes, boots, hair, even a SKIN, is just incredible ! Enough yapping from me (I’m in handflap mode as it is) on with the pics….theres quite a few brace yourself! click each for a closer view ! 

Bubblez Belleza Linda 0L
Bubblez Love Purple -yes even the boots ! 0L
bubblez East meets West (comes with uber cute shoes)
Bubblez Sweet Stole 0L
Bubblez Feather Boa outfit 0L
Bubblez urban neko 0L
Bubblez Fallin4U 0L (with shoes-which SO rock)
Bubblez Snake Outfit 0L (oh maii the boots are to die forrr)
Bubblez neko 0L (comes with hair & skin)

Boys, there is also 9 items for you too! Join the group as you enter, and you’ll find an outfit (male & female) on the right, head over to the right more you’ll see the group gifts (heapssss, I havent shown them all!) PLUS lucky boards on a 2 minute turn around. It was pretty busy when I went , so be prepared to be patient ! Upstairs there are some cuter than cute shoes, plus group  gift shoes also!  Im heading back when the rush has died down, I want to see EVERYTHING! Thanks Bubblez !

Have fun ! Taxi to go : Bubblez