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Free n Vain.

This is my vanity shot.  When taking pictures I like to show them off as clearly as possible but then again I also like to fiddle and I have definately fiddled with this picture.  Although I do have to say most of the work was already done by the sim owner.


So here are the clear and untouched piccies.

XXXVanity un

Taken in my Nams setting only because I wanted you to see 2 things firstly the sheerness of the Tattoo which allows some cheeky nip action and also because the hair although a hunt win also costs 10Lds.

The Tattoo layer comes from Urban Street and you have not only a male and female version and  there are most if not all of the most popular appliers as well but of course it also comes with the tattoo layers for those who don’t have a Mesh Body.  There is a really simple hint and it is exactly where you think it should be but it is set a little bit lowwwwer than you think and so cam a bit lower…you will probably work out what I mean when you get there.  I also spotted some Group gifts but time ran out.  A shop full of punky edgy tats and even the decor has the same in your face attitude, the lamp gives you the finger and even the rug is held together with safety pins! Loved it. OH and because this is the Autumn Effect Hunt item it was FREE.


The hair was a win in The Shedding Hair Hunt which is the Addoness Shop only huntand what you’re looking for is a comb and each comb costs 10Lds.  There is a choice of 12 hairstyles and 24 colours, I know this because outside is a big board showing you what the prizes in the combs are.  Have to confess that even though all of these goodies are hidden in the 1 shop I only found this one, fortunately for me green is my fav colour, and then I was mesmerised by the SLink nails.  I had to leave SL then but when I’m back inworld I’m going to set it so I rezz back in this shop stood in front of the nails because I want at least 1 set of them.  Some real nice colours and at 120Ld not overpriced.

PS I’m pretty sure the sword I’m using was also a freebie and when I get back inworld I’ll hunt it down and check it out for you.

The Autumn Effect Hunt LMs&Hints

Urban Street

The Hair Shedding Hunt@Addoness