The Perfect Couple Hunt

I was over at Stakey checking out some poses when I saw a sign for ‘The Perfect Couple Hunt’. Of course I had to check it out. It ends on the 31st of this month so I was just in time!

As you might have guessed, the prizes in this hunt are couple themed and being alone as I am tonight I had to make do by myself. Since I was already there, Stakey’s gift naturally came first and the shopping bags you see in my hands are part of their hunt gift: the ‘All Shopped Out’ couples pose. The bags look cool and I’m looking forward to trying out the pose because Stakey’s poses are always pretty awesome.

The outfit I’m wearing comes from Urban Republic Co and is their hunt gift. It is a wicked little casual outfit featuring a brown shirt and jeans that both look great. I really like the rough-looking, worn in texture of the jeans and I just seem to be a sucker for shirts with stripes. The top comes with cuffs and collar which are easily fit through their resizer script. This is a couple’s hunt so yep, there is also a female outfit included in Urban Republic’s gift.

As I mentioned, this hunt will only be on for a few more days so you’d better grab your guy or gal and get crackin’. For a full list of the stores involved and hints, take a look here: http://perfectcouplehunt.blogspot.com/

Get the gear here:
Outfit: Urban Republic Co (Hint: Men’s “Prancing Black Horse” Ferarri)
All Shopped Out Pose Set: Stakey (Hint: Are you playing footsy with me?)

Skin and Facial Hair by Sacred
Hair by MADesigns
Tattoo by Garden of Ku
Pose by Status


Urban Republic

Urban Republic Co - URCO Outfit

 I’ve become a bit of a plaid shirt fan of late so when Faith gave me a link for this free outfit on xstreet I was more than pleased to grab it. It’s called the URCO outfit and is from Urban Republic. It’s a store I’d ever heard of before but judging by the quality of this outfit, I’ll be getting down there to have a look very soon. 

The URCO outfit comes with a pair of black jeans and a black tshirt, but in my opinion the best thing about the outfit is the blue plaid shirt. The blue colour looks great over the black shirt and jeans and it’s really well made. The top is mostly unbuttoned allowing you to see the black tshirt underneath – or a different shirt if you wish – and it also comes with prim cuffs and collar that are script resizeable but I found that I hardly needed them, the attachments fit very well.  It’s a great outfit that won’t cost you a cent and you don’t even have to go out to get it. All you have to do is go here and snap it up:


Though you should do yourself a favour and go check out the in-world store which you can get to below 🙂 

Urban Republic Co