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Say wha?

Yes, it’s not a name that rolls of your tongue easily..”::: Mu-Shi Doll :::” but…definately one you shouldnt forget..I popped over to the inworld store to mooch about…and found this racey lacey dress out as a group gift – the group is free join btw…called Cindy…no mesh involved for those of you who havent hopped onto the meshwagon yet…

There is also a new pair of boots from Urban Girl to coo over…just 10L…and I made the white pair RED ! Totally slobbering over this new pose prop from bent…called “Escher”, squillions of poses all contained in a fresh white set with stairs and frames…cooolio…

::: Mu-Shi Doll :::

Urban Girl


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Echoes of Summer

I’ve been waiting for some mesh shorts…and yay Echo have them ! “March Mesh” shorts are only 80L a pair…which is great as you’re gonna want a LOT of the mouth watering colours that they come in…plus a whole new range of sweet meshy tanks & tee’s…Im wearing the “Mezzo” tee in orange..they also come in a block print…also only 80L yay! Thanks Echo ❤

Had to show you this sooper pretty mesh top from “Nachtigall”, new store for me that is open at the B&T Fashion Boulevard…love love LOVE the swirls of colour on this…lots of sizes in the pack…and just 125L…popped over to have a peek..and ohmai…check it all wont come away empty-handed ! Thanks Angeli ❤



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Urban Girl

Happy Monday everyone! To get your week off right..Ive found a new store with some lush gear for very little Linden pennies yay! Its called Urban Girl..and everything in it is just 10L..we like that right?! Above Im posing with new sooper cool bicycle that’s in the Seasons Hunt from {what next} and wearing a long shorts & plaid blouse outfit …cost 10L

I fell in love with the style of the long shorts…big ole chunky cuffs…great colours ! This pair comes with a shorty sweater that skims your boobs…and a lovely floppy collar…again just 10L

I thought Id better snap up an outfit without shorts also to show you,and saw this black & white combo of sleeveless skinny fit top and flowing two tiered skirt…also comes with the gorgeous wide suede belt…and youve guessed it…10L for the complete thing…

Ohhhhh so ok…just one more shorts set ! Tartan black and white..great belt..and a pure jet black vee neck sweater,..whats not to love?!

Take a look around..theres also skins for 10L, shoooooz…and a group members lucky board…

Go get Urbanised: Urban Girl


[ Urban Girl ] Melody Skin Gift

Melody Skin Gift”]blimey I popped over to [ Urban Girl ] to check out a skin group gift called “Melany” Id been told about, and here it is! It’s absolutely glam and verrrry pritty…great eyes, and comes in 4 skin tones so you’ll be sure to find one that suits you ! The body has fine detailing also…definately a keeper…noticed heapsss of fab clothing also, but no time to investigate this evening, I’ll save that up for another day.. thanks Urban Girl! click the pic for a more detailed view..

Go get pritty : [ Urban Girl ]