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21Shoe – KoiKoi hits the spot


21Shoe KoiKoi coldLogic brat sweater & scarf kokolores hair NEW

Only four more days to go until 21Shoe begins ! Twentyfour hours to dash around and snaffle up those two for one deals. KoiKoi has a really lovely surprise for us, not only two pairs for us chicks but also two for the guys yay! I’m wearing the “soft boots” above and these little beauties are just what I’ve been looking for. You can wear them over your ordinary feet, no slink required.

21Shoe - KoiKoi NEW!

You also get a HUD that allows you not only to switch the sock tops on or off but also gives you a choice of some snazzy sock colours. (Different colour options for the guys)

21Shoe KoiKoi coldLogic brat sweater & scarf - kokolores hair_001

The second pair is just SO me ! I bet most of you have a pair of shoes somewhat like these in your cupboards right? I admit that I wear these a LOT, they kinda are my slippers, my dog walking shoes and general all-purpose bestie ever footwear. Ohhh must mention my newww hair ! It’s by KoLoReS and is on sale in various colour packs at the CosplaySL event that runs from 15th – 30th November. Its called Kimiko and is a pretty funky ruffled style.

21Shoe - KoiKoi

There is a HUD included so you can fiddle with the pink and black, button,strap,sole etc. Not sure what colours the guys get but I reckon it isn’t pink !(I just checked and its black and a really gorgy blue)



coldLogic (for jeans,leggings and sweater)

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Theme yourself pretty

Sax Shepherd Designs - sneak peek !


I’ve always wanted to try these sort of jewels, and until Sax Shepherd released these – I probably would never have gotten around to it. These sets are available exclusively at The latest round of The Theme Park. Lots of choice, and a ton of options. You really can get an absolutely perfect fit. The “Devi brow & bindi* sets are glamorous and easy to use via a HUD. You get options for twelve mix and match jewels, so plenty of choice ! 100% un-rigged mesh – go gettum.

The Theme Park

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Layer it or not…


coldLogic cuppy sweater eclectica relic pendant necklace NEW!


Another part of the latest coldLogic release is the cuppy sweater and marley sweater packs. The interesting thing apart from they are just epically awesome and easy to wear, is that you in fact get three tops for the price of one ! Mhhmmm, thats right, each colour pack has three wearing options. Above I’m wearing the cuppy sweater and I’ve chosen the “short with layer” effect – make sure you use the right alpha layer for each look (unlike I did first time around!) The knit on this is sort of marl, meaning it’s not one colour but a tangle of shades to make up one overall effect, confused? Well go take a peek for yourself !

coldLogic cuppy sweater NEW! eclectica relic pendant necklace NEW!

Same sweater but this time I’m wearing it in the “short no layer” version from the grey/black pack. Great little item thats sooper easy to sling on over jeans or skirts. By the way, my necklace is from Eclectica, it’s a relatively new release (I’ve been waiting for just the right clothing to show it off) called “relic” and this is the pendant. It is unrigged mesh, which means you can still edit it by hand if you prefer, or use the menu system. You get nine colours of the cabochon central stone in the menu. I love that option, means you can match it up with virtually anyyyyything ! This piece is also materials ready, so slam on advanced lighting in your graphics (if you can) and admire its full beauty. There is also another relic set, that has a short necklace and earrings, you can wear both neck pieces together for a super effect.

coldLogic marley sweater eclectica relic pendant necklace NEW!

Last up is the marley top, similar to cuppy but the layered options are patterned and the knit is a weave, a little more casual styling. This is the “long with layer” option, for which you use a different alpha from the pack. (This is the same in the cuppy one) I was so so glad to see the butter tone appear, I adore it, so soft and gentle and perfect for a stroll on the beach with my afternoon cup-of-splosh! Thanks coldLogic team & Tiffy ❤

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