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Desert me P2.


As soon as I logged back inworld my first place to return to is the David C Heather sim where I had just spent a most relaxing hour or so snapping some pictures off and just sitting there pondering.  I also decided it was time to join the VIP group because although for a lot of people 350Lds would be a lot to pay to join a group, that it until you see the amazingly detailed and cute bag which is this months Group Gift.  Unbelievably detailed from the tiny zipper teeth to the pose that comes with this bag.  In total you get 4 bags which comprises of 2 sizes for men/female/large or small AVs and pose or no pose options in those sizes.  The smaller one fits me perfectly and the pose, hand holding the strap going across your chest is subtle and doesn’t affect my AO but of course you can use the non pose bag if you wish.  This bag is for sale in the shop for 300Lds and you have a much wider range of colours than the Blood coloured Group Gift but I’m hoping that by paying the extra 50Lds I’m so going to reap the rewards in future Gifts from here.


I have a theory and it’s a simple one.  When a designer/shop owner/entrepreneur opens a shop in SL sometime the outside tells you more of the quality to expect when you go inside the shop itself.

David2 It’s as though a giant has been blown up and his limbs, although those legs are definitely feminine to me, and scattered across the sim.


A great place to either pose like me or just to stand alone and chill out.


And finally the shop itself.  That stunning bright red colour is like a beacon.  All of the photos were taken using nothing but the sim windlisghts setting which adds to so much to the sims atmosphere.

The clothes you will find here you will not find anywhere else, unique and fresh designs especially for men.  Not cheap prices but neither are they unreasonable and because you’re paying for the chance to stand out from the rest worth every penny.  Plenty of demos for you to try out.

David C Heather

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Meet Mr bloch.

A men’s only Gacha event which is much appreciated (so much for women so little for men) For a 100Lds this is a bargain skin especially when you know that Mr Bloch skins are well into the 1200Lds price range (although you do get shape,skin and eyebrows in the full priced packs).  When I called into Mr Bloch’s inworld shop there is a Free Group Gift of a Halloween skin.  Lots of runny make up and badly sewn up scars so if you’re still looking for a Halloween skin this is great.  The one thing that is noticeable about Mr Bloch skins is that they all seem to have a limited amount.

As for the Gacha Event here is a bit of everything from men’s jewelry to shapes and skins and all reasonably priced.

Mr BlockI tried to get this picture done last night so people could also have a chance of grabbing the nerdy cardigan and shirt from Blank Line and it was their FLF offer (Fifty Linden Friday) but since nothing would rezz I couldn’t and now sorry but at this price you can’t get it anymore but they do however have the same style cardigan and in a choice of 5 different shades.  They also have some even crunchier knitted ones which look equally as great and I think I will be treating myself to one of those.  Demos available and don’t panic if you think it’s faulted, a good touch is that you can actually wear the cardigan separate from the shirt and tie (but not the shirt and tie on their own) or you may also find that you can wear the mesh shirt and tie under another jacket, cardigan you may own.  Try the demo and you will see what I mean and when you try the demos you will see that each pack comes with the male and female sizing.


Mens only Gacha Event

Mr Bloch Marketplace

Blank Line

Mr Bloch Inworld

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I Quit (throws sneakers in a temper tantrum)

I QuitI swear after all the posing and camera angling I had decided one more shot and then I would give in and make Faith take the photo.  The problem is feet shots, I just can’t do them but I so desperately wanted to show off my new trainers and then Voila a good shot of the trainers and I’ve even managed to get the top in as well.  Both items cost only 10Lds each and as it happens everything in the shop is only 10Lds but it’s the shoes which I am stocking up on.  I have 2 pairs of trainers which cost me a heck of a lot more than 10Lds but that was in the days when cheap shoes made your feet look like clowns feet and that is not the case anymore esp these from Cay Crystal (AKA CC Designs).  A massive selection of colours, patterns and the kicker is unisexed with an easy to use resizer AND comes with both Alphas for new and old viewers so non mesh but not lacking in quality for that.  The top is a simple non mesh one in a light striped pattern and as said 10Lds and it’s an easy wear item.  Quite a selection of clothes mesh and non mesh not maybe the latest of styles but even I picked out a few basics to keep for layering and then a SHED LOAD of these trainers.

CC Designs

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Do This Hunt Or Else!

Even if your down to your last few Lindens this is a hunt NOT to be missed.  I’m a bit short of time, sorry, so I popped to a couple of my fav shops first and snagged the “With Love” hunt  item.  What you’re looking for it a bright red jewelry box.  Each cost 10Lds but the promise is that each item is worth 400Lds.  Check out the link I have posted and see how so many amazing designers and shops have contributed to this hunt.  This is their way of saying Thank You to all of us who have supported them through the past year and hopefully into a bigger and brighter New Year.

Sofa 11

So first thing I grabbed is the Cheeky Pea offering and it’s the sofa and I can guarantee as an avid Cheeky Pea buyer this IS shop quality from the texturing to the quality poses.  Couples and singles and low prim and just great.  The sofa is mesh and so is the other goodies. Zenith is where you get not only the lovely scrummy jumper but also the bobble scarf which is not only separate from the jumper but comes with a hud so you can change the scarf and bobble colours.

Looking at the shop list they have ensured that there is such a great selection from clothes to furniture to poses so there is something for everyone.

I think there maybe some shops that have now left this hunt but I’m not sure.  It goes on till the 6th Jan and when I have a little more time I will be treating myself.


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Oops OPOPOP (SAH Suicide Awareness Hunt)

The “Oops” is the Suicide Hunt doesn’t start till tomorrow (15th Nov) but of course some people have jumped the gun and already set their items out so if you’ve not had much luck start again and you will find some great things.

This top was sent to me by Oursinette Bruun, as her SAH gift,  and sometimes you dread that because what happens if it’s naff and horrible but what a sigh of relief I gave when I tried it on.  Normally it takes a time to get a complete look ready, chosing the hair, bottoms, shoes etc but as soon as I put on this grey/black mesh top it was so easy.  It’s a  proper workable wearable shirt which as soon as I put it on I knew it would look great with jeans or shorts .  Comes with a yellow wrist band and a bright yellow ribbon on the back so wear it and send out the signal that it’s ok to be lost and there are people who understand and want to help.

Her shop OPOPOP  is a new shop to me mainly mesh with a small selection of non mesh upstairs.  Lots of lovely demos and new colours and styles that even a hardened SLer like me found a bunch of demos to try on and when payday comes around there is a sexy denim overall that I want.  Till then more than pleased with this top.  It’s a keeper.


If you want a profile picture that ROCKS check out her Flickr Account and for a few Lindens she can make you into a work of art.