Bubblez with a little grog

Bubblez & hate me eat me

I’ve been feeling really *weddingy* this week..as England gets into a frenzy of Wills & Kate…I just had to wear this hat.called grog…its by “hate me eat me” and can also be worn as hair (as I am above) Such a unique item, comes without the petals also, but I don’t think a girl can ever have enough flowers . Absolutely squillions of shades available..grab it up for just 200L per shade (you get both versions in one box)

The earthy spring dress “meko” I’m showing is by Bubblez..and its the new luckyboard item..easy hip wrap fits snugly around you..with a revealing V neckline..all set off with cuter-than-cute fresh daisy at the cross section of the halter top..perfect…thank you riri bazar & milo bubble *squidge*

Go get dressed: Bubblez     hate me eat me

Credit: pose by hate me eat me (poses priced from 2-25L)