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Being naughty!(Freebies).

I try not to log in first thing in the morning as like most of us I have stuff to do but I logged off last night with the BEST SCARF EVER!  So good I’d have bought it if it wasn’t FREE.  So this morning, sod work I’ve just had to log in and do this post.

DISCLAIMER! This is not the same pose as my last picture! URGH! I have a “style” to my pictures which is usually just me stood in front of a pretty background, even though I have a shameful amount of poses I always seem to use the plainer ones but I guess in the end if they work for me then I have to go with what I feel shows the outfit, and me, off.

OK now for that scarf! OMG so good, I’ve been trying on so many free and paid for ones, mainly free of course, but they’ve just not worked for me and then I was visiting a shop I’ve not been in for a while called Tram and this is their FREE Group Gift.  Hold onto your knickers/underpants or thong as you get a brilliant 10 textured hud which has 5 lighter textures and 5 darker ones and a male/female size…go get it NOW, I’m ordering you to.  Not sure if this gift is in the shop or just the group notices so if you don’t see it in the shop check out the group.

If you’ve not been to Tram before then you’re in for a treat.  There used to be more clothes than hair but now there is more hair than clothes which is a slight shame as the clothes are unique, you won’t find them in any other shop.  The hair, not worn, is similar to the one I am wearing but I got this hair from “DP Yumyum).

This hair and the other one in the Yumyum shop have been group gifts for years but well worthy gifts.  I change my hair to suit the picture I’m taking but for my rambling around SL and most of my pictures I wear Mina 80% of the time, Argrace 10% and Yumyum the last 10%.  Between these shops you get a brilliant mixture of realism, cute, youthful, interesting, stylish and unique hairs.  The Yumyum range is much more young and cute styling.  So there is this and another GG just waiting for you if you’ve not already got them.


DP Yumyum(Double Paradox is the group name)

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Designer Showcase

A  newww event for me….”Designer Showcase”, popped over to have a gander…and found that if you join the group (free to join) you can also collect a few lully gifts. Unique clothing have this denim skirt and frilly pink top out for you…I teamed it up with  a bag I found at Peppermint Blue the other day- also free ! My shabby tall dresser is from HC Creations…and is a dollarbie on the market place atm…itsss fahhbulous…colour change and it also rezzes items on the top…such as a hat…vase…lamp…coolbeans..

Another gifty at Designer Showcase is this jolly little frock from Barely Legal…”into the groove” mesh dress in a shockingly pretty shade of fuschia…my skin is another pressie from the same event… Style by Kira, called “Willow”, wearabubble tan shade…with  gentle makeup that makes its suitable for pretty much everyone…go shop !

Designer Showcase

HC Creations shabby dresser 1L

Peppermint Blue (after landing, slap the teleporter pad to the free store)