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Coco Wins. (Freebies)

Firstly the Non Freebie.  I read a note that Sid, the punky edgy hair from Mina, was being offered at the latest Kustom 9 event so I popped over but I was wrong,  it was not Sid but Lena and I’m not sure if I’ve blogged this hair before or not.  I’d be shocked if I hadn’t because I love hair that has some movement to it and since it’s on special offer at the Kustom 9 event I thought  I’d let you know so you can pop over and try on the demo for yourself and maybe treat yourself before it ends up in her shop at full price.


Because this is the paid for item I’ve used nothing but the sims Windlight setting, notice how adorable the PumeC skin looks even in a non Nams setting.  Can I brag and say this is how MY RL hair looks on a windy day, all blown over to one side and the randomness of the hair ends adds to the realistic look of this hair.  I only wish my hair had the same sheen as this one does it looks like something from a hair conditioner ad, so lovely.


The Freebies are everything else, the top, jeans and Union Jack boots.  All shop quality on their own and all in standard sizing.


Rotten shot of the dress n boots but since I know you will be going over to grab the jeans, sweater, boots from the top picture you may as well grab this simple black mesh dress.  That simple neckline looks great with a collar, I tried one on from my invent,  and leggings etc or to keep it simple.  As always even with Coco’s freebies this is shop quality so well textured.  I just wanted to show off my baby.

What you can’t see is the boots.  Simple grey strapped unisexed boots and since this and the Union Jack ones come in 3 sizes I’m pretty sure that they will fit a male AV as well.  Since this is a Free to join group it will cost you nothing to try out.

OH! a last shot because I was having fun and so why not:-)


All the Freeness and there is more there,  comes from … … Top quality and unique clothing mainly for women but there is a small mens depo with items that will make you stand out.

Mina@Kustom 9

Coco Designs

Mina Mainshop

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Crafters gone wild.

This is what happens when you get a bored crafter.  It seems to be ages since I had an excuse to wear my lovely Lolas and then I found a small Gacha event just for the well endowed and as soon as I saw these Titty Tags they were in the bag (or in this case my invent).

TagsThis is Pink Sugah’s offering and I won a pair of the common ones but fortunately I lurve cupcakes, obviously one for the left booby and one for the right.  Each set of 2 has cheeky saying or cute pictures.


Pixelated so I don’t shock you too much but they delicately dangle from your Lola nips.  If you really need to see how they hang or just want to cop an eyeful then click my Flickr Account link and see them in all their glory.

ϲɾմʍքҽէ (tara.asamoah) the owner if Pink Sugah has been really nice and if you look under the Gacha machine she has set out a freebie to celebrate “Brit Tits Hunt” which I will definitely being doing.  Her offering is a sparkling skin tight Union Jack dress with not only Lola Appliers but Phat Ass and some others that I don’t even recognise.  So pop into her shop and check out the busty goodies and the sign for the hunt is right in the door.

Please don’t ignore either the Gacha event or Pink Sugar if you’re not a Booby fan as so many of the clothes are equally as good for the small boobed as well and even the Titty tags with a minimum of editing will look cheeky hanging from anyone’s nip.


Hello Titties Slots Gacha’s

Pink Sugah Mainstore

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Union Jack

SF Design mesh Union Jack boots - PROMO 100L !

Got a reallllly special offer for you ! For today and today only you can get your paws on these rather splendid Union Jack mesh boots for only 100L !  Ive been stomping about in my pair all morning so far, look brill with jeans or mini skirts…great detailing on them too…laced up the front and a chunky heel give them up to the minute styling…dashhhh to SF Design and grab a pair up ! Thanks Swaffette ❤

SF Design

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Let The Games Begin!

Ok so I admit it…I blubbed last night as I watched the opening ceremony to the Olympic Games…Queeny & Phillip were awesome…did you see the James Bond clip? Gawd the Queen just ROCKS ! Fantastic start…I hope this is a great Olympics, I’m so excited ! Sooo in the spirit of all things British…I found a coupla themed things to share with you..above I have a sooper cute union jack dress…fresh of the market place and free…my bubblegum, which also comes in the Olympic flavour..was a was the bunting…the grungy Union Jack flag was a freebie!

The awesomesauce from HC Creations…LORD this is sooo coolio…Im just showing a FEW of the textures you can play with, it actually contains 33..pillows,bed cover and headboard…all can be customised ! Not only that but…its just seven prims…and has 2×30 Singles and  33 Couple animations….and they are REALLY lovely animations…(I have one of these beds in my home) The poses are cuddly..AND adult *squeee*…can you believe this is just TEN Lindens? Mhmmm it really is ! Go get into the spirit…grab yourself some British cool….and good luck to ALL of the nations participating ❤

Dress by Osome Chrome

HC Creations – bed

Bubble gum & bunting

Union Jack Flag


Polka Dots & Union Jack

Yus I got all patriotic when I saw the latest dollarbie from CandyMetal! Sparkly Union Jack top,denim butt skimming skirt and leggings..all yours for just a single dollar ..

Also a rather interesting newwwww release..Miki is a complete outfit..skirt & top(s)..why the plural? Because because you get threeee versions of the shirt..the naughty one that I’m showing..the nice one..and a tease type ! You also receive two versions of the skirt…short and MAJORLY short,just 120L *grins*-thanks Emychan xx Go check out the store , its chock-a-block with dollarbies,and some real steals…ohhhh almost forgot to show you THIS…

I’ve been saving up my CandMetal…and this dollarbie also hit my inventory last week (apologies for the delay in showing it!) Great LBT with a lowww dipping back with fishnet leggings…the boots are a new release…called “seken” 100l per pair with many colour versions!

Go get Candy: CandyMetal


The Brits are coming!

CandyMetal Tina Complete Outfit

Hoooooohaaaaaaa the Brits are coming !!! Yeahhhh…this got my juices going for a Monday mawnin..BRIGHT glittery..sparkly ! The newww complete outfit from CandyMetal is rather yummmmeh and dazzzzly…check it outttt..Soooo what do you get with a full outfit? You know there’s *complete* and complete right? Welllll you get…..

CandyMetal Tina Complete Outfit 150L

alllll of the above plus  a bag (which durrr I forgot to wear-gimme a break  though it IS early) Boots,jeans,glittery top,bag andd a skin, with cleavage and no cleavage options…for justttt 150L *faintsdies*..thats COMPLETE ! *squidge* for Emychan Aichi who lemme show you the newness !

Go get the Brits: CandyMetal