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Insane Monday Rambling, Cos I iz an Unicorn.

I rarely wear anything like horns or in this case an Unicorn horn so Faith spotted it almost straight away when we were standing talking about the sim decor and of course she asked why and what I said was “because I’m a f**king Unicorn that’s why” and of course she is so used to me it was just accepted as a valid reason.


Let me just say this isn’t a FREE post….go on spend some Lindens LOL.

Margaritta shop Mag<.B is a little shop I’ve promoted over the years,  I started to blog her shop when all there was on the Group Gift wall was about 2 items and now it’s a whole corner full of free and seriously discounted items of which I still own quite a few of.   So when she drops me a little package it’s just like when I get a new Mina, I drop everything and open it.


It didn’t surprise me that it’s a “Unicorn” skirt as it’s very much in keeping with the super Kawaii and yet adult range of clothes that come from Mag<3.B.  Like most of her clothes you also get a texture Hud and in this case each skirt has 4 texture options.  The top picture is the stripe tex from the bright pack and the bottom is the stripe tex from the pastel pack.  Each pack costs only 80Ld.

I can’t believe in all the years I’ve known the Mag shop it’s not gotten any bigger as she does bring out new stuff on a regular basis and of course her Group Gifts and seriously discounted wall has gotten so much bigger.  At some stage or another I’ve shown you everything from that wall and when I say “discounted” I mean seriously discounted as they’re priced between 1-15Lds.  As it happens the shoes I’m wearing are Mags but there is also 2 pairs on the discount wall which would also have matched this skirt plus a top and you would end up with a cute outfit for really minimum cost in the end.

PS Guess where I got this?  The “The book of Daniel” event of course.  Obviously, the last thing I need is new clothes but I’m always shopping around for decor items and all 200Lds of the cost of this book throne is donated to the great cause which is Daniels story.


Although the event wasn’t Lag Hell my comp was in a go slow mode so I only managed a little bit of shopping but from what I saw so many NEW designs and everything from poses, clothes, shoes and stuff for your home and garden.  Still plenty of time to pop in if you’ve not checked it out yet.


The Book of Daniel