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I’m still in my Jim Jams.(Freebie).

Yes it’s 10.41am in the UK and I’m sat here in my saggy baggy flannel old man PJ pants and oversize, overstretched jumper and I had a big fat chocolate heart for breakfast, yum yum yum…did I happen to mention that chocolate is a laxative?  Something some of you may want to keep in mind when buying your loved one a gift esp if you have sexy plans for later.

Anyhow a simple and delightful little sleep set. Top n shorts.


TBH I have been trying to avoid anything very Valentine inspires esp in the clothes/lingerie dept but this top quality freebie from Fame Femme is brill.  Comes in just SLink and Maitreya mesh bods, but again you may find they fit your shape well or simply add an alpha from your invent.  They come as separates as well.  Gonna be a keeper.

PS It’s the poster on the wall to the left in the shop, it has a big bunch of balloons in front of it and so easy to find.

Just a reminder about my previous post, I’ll put the link to it at the bottom.  Don’t let the fact it’s a “poem” put you off listening to it I personally cannot stand poetry at best it goes right over my head and at worse it bores the T*Ts off me, trust me I’m just being more honest than most people.  I am an avid book reader so it’s not that I don’t enjoy the use of the written word but poetry, nope, but this one sings to my heart and everyone, even if they have a significant other should listen to it and take it to heart as you never know what your future holds for you but it’s ultimately better to be alone than be with someone and feel alone!

Fame Femme

How to be alone.

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How not to do it.

At the moment on the Marketplace there are OODLES and OODLES of freebie, dollarbies and cheapies.  Some good some bad and some FFS! Resist the temptation to bombard your SL Love with too many of these but of course I’ve found some real goodies of which I will put the Marketplace link for them at the end but of course I will have missed so many things so if you’ve never tried out the Marketplace then this is a good time to try.


OK so I did have fun rezzing a whole load of bright and gaudy items.


I’ve had this Wedding dress almost as long as I’ve been SLing and it has become a bit of tradition that at Valentine I pop it on and a whole lot of bloody mess (more than you can see here) and I clutch a bloody heart and walk around making weeping noises what is news is the ugly, beautiful, messy hair which comes from one of my FAV shop in SL Boudoir.  200 and only the 1 colour but for that sexy manic look it’s perfect.

DOH just as I was about to click “publish” I remembered this.  A sweet and simple little bra and panties set, what a shame that it can’t be sent as a gift because this maybe an old Valentines gift but it comes from Insolence and they just make real quality pretties.


Heart Rezzer 4Lds Marketplace

Marquee Love Sign Dollarbie

Love Sign Dollarbie

Bra and Panties Freebies

Boudoir Hair

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Sn@tch(ed) Giftie

Sneaking another Sn@tch in, trust me the jokes could be never ending with this one, but I did this photo weeks ago and when I went back to check the offer was still out it had disapeared which was such a shame as this little “swag bag” offer is so retro.  What you get is a beige bra and knickers that have the white control panelling details beloved by our Mums and Grandmas I wonder if they ever thought their undies were as sexy as we think they are now? But alas it was gone,although I did manage to snag the new swag bag offer and scored myself some Capris, and I shoved the photo back in Flickr however much to my pleasure the lovely Sn@tch Lady (ivey.deschanel) was so please with my last blogg and this photo that she’s put the offer BACK OUT! How nice was that?  I’m not sure how long she will have them back out this time so make sure you grab em before they’re gone but then again she always has something thats shop quality on offer so it’s always worth popping in just to see whats there and of course the usual excellent LBs, Riot boards, 7 Seas Fishing, Bargain area and so many other ways to win yourself a snazzy set of new clothes but then again her prices are not only so reasonable but her clothes usually come in Fat Packs as standard!  As it happens I scored myself the Fat Pack of the Maisey Lingerie Undies for only 225lds and you get a total of 8 colours in different layers and as always they’re trans so great pressies for the lady in your life or your BBF. OH NO I went and looked and they have the same sexy undies with Frilly knickers right next to them.  Guess what I’ll be blogging soon.

Sn@tch inworld

Sn@tch Marketpace

No 9 Nylons

Special mention to No 9 Nyons as this is the best shop for stocking afficanados in SL and RL. They’re sheer, sexy, well fitting, abundant choices and so reasonably priced.  As it happens at this very moment they have 3 free gift bags placed around the shop with goodies inside of them.  I selected this garter and used a pair of their stockings I already had and that cost a mere 39lds just to make this outfit look so complete.