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Dream Bed (inc Free item)

I’ve made a sumptuous little smewch area in my garden, just the right place to hang out or get loved up. The Bougainvillea covered gazebo is tremendously beautiful, paved patio at ground floor, sturdy old wooden beams, and of course masses of Bougainvillea in full bloom. This is FREE from Zinnias currently, the whole store has been given a makeover and it’s really a lovely place to browse. No group to join, just get your hot little paws on it and carry it home – thanks Zinnia ❤ The canopy bed is by Chez Moi, this is their piece for the next round of Ultra. You might be able to spy the rope and hooks holding it onto the roof of the gazebo, and it is of course stuffed with adorable and naughty poses! Deets:

Available in PG (more than 120 animations) and Adult (more than 202 animations) versions:
♥ +28 single animations (female and male)
♥ 16 sleep poses (8 each spot)
♥ 60 couple animations (30 x 2)
♥ 16 massage animations (8 x 2)
♥ 10 masturbation animation (female and male) – only in Adult version
♥ 32 intimacy animations (16 x 2) – only in Adult version
♥ 40 sex animations (20 x 2) – only in Adult version
♥ Several “wearable” props as book, laptop, coffee and more
♥ Automatic Rezzing Props – attaches when an animation is chosen (coffee, book – check how to place the experience in your settings)

♥ Control by menu
♥ Adjustable Poses
♥ Functionality SWAP

Specification: 20 LI | Copy | Modifiable


Ultra ( starts 15th March)



Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Don’t miss me, New Mina and SUPER Freebies.

Oooo I almost missed a NEW Free Mina hair! But I’ll get to that in a mo cause you NEED these boots!


And you don’t need mesh feet for them.  A brilliant gift from Cheeky Amour but you have to join the Third Life Group to grab.  This is another exc freebie group in SL and so if you can make a space for it I would recommend it.


These come in the standard mesh sizes and I’m wearing the M ones but not just that you get a whole load of colour options both for the boots and the soles! All GREAT colours, sorry my piccie editing has coloured them out a bit, some reds, purples, browns and greens and all in lovely Autumnal shades.  Honestly, an absolutely great gift not to be missed.

So save on the boots to pay for this New Mina hair.


Faith and I don’t meet up often, but the notes fling back and forwards all the time, but when we met up this time Faith spotted this unusual hair straight away and I do believe she will be treating herself to it as well.  This is a new hair, Haley, comes  from a new event to me called Ultra and even Faith hadn’t heard about it and she knows everything!  So once I click “publish” I will be TPing over to see what it’s all about.

This hair is pretty unusual, it’s cut high on the back and side with a thickly draped side to it…just try it LOL.  You can also check out my recent posts as I’m wearing this hair in one of the more unique colours.

If you remember from a previous post, Mina’s hairs now cost just a little bit more but you’re getting double the hair colours for less than double the price and as always I will put the link to her main shop for you to try out the hair before going over to the event.

So I finally got some Lindens, woo hoo, and decided to pop over to the Hairology event and OMG I almost missed a NEW Mina FREEBIE! and it’s one of my Favs and it’s also perfect for this season.


This is my Nell, I didn’t have to pick the free one up as I already own this hair, you will find it on the Mina stall@Hairology.  I don’t know what shade pack it contains but it doesn’t really matter as all the shades are gorgeous.  Mina has a great range of these “Beanie” hairs and now other “Hat Hairs” although I love this one and wear it often “Alex” is the one I copy in RL.  These hairs like a lot of Mina’s hair are Unisex so if you’re a man or have a significant other you need to get them over to Mina’s for a new Do lol.

Cheeky Amour


Mina Main shop