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More unrezzables.(Freebies).

The one thing about good quality freebies is there is a bigger chance of people keeping hold of them and they always act as a reminder to pop back to that shop and check out not just any new freebies but of course something to tempt people to part with their Lindens.  So as I was culling my invent I came across such a thing, a dress, so I popped back to ShuShu and ended up in the shoe shop and I snagged, snagged and snagged some more.


Yup very much in your face shoes and as much as I love the classic stylish shoes/clothes/looks I know for one that when you stand out people actually talk to you.  A couple of posts ago I blogged a skeleton AV/outfit and in the short time I wander around SL in it I got IM’s from people asking about my look.  Anyhow these shoes may not be everyone’s taste but they’re pretty unique and if you want to stand out then stand in there.


I often rezz a pair of shoes in my home as decor items as usually mesh shoes are often just 1 prim but WOAH I rezzed 1 shoe and it took our sim prim count all the way down to just 10 prims LOL, so no rezzing.


Uggs! I’m proud to say I’ve never owned a pair of Uggs just don’t ask me about Crocs!  I do believe you get a whole colour pack with this pack.


KEEPERS, these are the keepers for me and I hope you can see why.

As I said I ended up in the shoe dept and these GG’s are dotted about on the shelves but it’s a small shop so it won’t take you more than a minute to find them.  I’ve checked out the clothes dept, you get a note with your gift and it has the LMs to the different departments of ShuShu so I did a quick check of the clothes dept and yes more freebies.  You will see them also dotted around and I quickly grabbed a couple of items before I had to log out but there are more uncheck departments so goodness knows what else is waiting for us.

ShuShu Shoes

ShuShu Clothes

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Its just an apple…really

Oh la la Candy metal have a new release…its wintery plaid…and buttock skimmingly short…these jolly little skirts come in a few colours to choose from, but I SO loved the cheerful red tartan ! I have NO idea why but it reminded me of Snow White..uhmm..hence the basket of apples …my head is a curious place I know . Anyyywayy back to the skirt..its a dream to wear..fitted me off-the -peg..but it does have resizer scripts in it just in case . I teamed it up with an old coco gift sweater, some Jane fuzzy piggy tights anddd…the new subscribo gift from Kookie..yumyumyum…you get a whole fat pack of colours of these boots just for joining plussss a fat pack of some mighty fine suede loafers hoohahhh!

Tartan skirt: CandyMetal

Boots: Kookie (join subscribo and they are sent to you)

Apple pose : (free!)

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Snug as a Bug in a Rug

Oh Oh Oh! dontcha just love when you see something that you just HAVE to wear?! When I received the newness from ArisAris…before it was even outta the box..I was wriggggling with impatience to get it ON…its newwww…its fabulousssss…and its sooper snugggly …the cardigan and dress come as a set for only 250L…I teamed mine up with the free fuzzy piggy tights that Jane sent to her group this week in charcoal..and some uber cool Uggs I found on the market place for freeee! Popped over to the store to check out the other colours and ohmaiiii…they are all scrummy…red & black..caramel…and more…trust me…this cardigan is such a keeper!! thanks  Ariadna xx (don’t forget to join the group while you’re there, and go upstairs to collect the huge amount of fantastic gifts!)

Cardi & dress: ArisAris

Fuzzy piggy tights: Jane