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THonii Shoes FashionPunk Pink

oh yay! Tyfany Honi the creator of those fahhhbulous boots below DID make more *squeals* and not only are they soooper pritty shoes but they are also PINK ! A slightly different take on the usual stiletto and really nicely made, my only wish? Is for a re-sizer script or perhaps make them mod, justtt to get that purrrfect fit – but at 10L whos complaining -not meeee

Find them here : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/THonii-Shoes-FashionPunk-Pink/1644895


10 times

THonii Vitela ankle boots 1L

yum yum yum lookie what I found ! A special offer for ONE week on xstreet…not sure how long they’ve been up for so grab them while you can. YES you get 10 colours of this snazzy little boot for only 1 L ! Arent they divine? I’m wearing one in strong red and one in white and allllll the colours are rather fabbo…such a useful addition to your wardrobe ! Made by Tyfany Honi, looks to be her only creation so far, lets hope she makes more!

Get them here : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/THonii-VITELA-10-Colors-for-You/1641147