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LUXE Paris NEW release

I can’t get into gear since my holiday, I’m SO relaxed that I could almost be asleep. When this new release came through from Luxe Paris, I slipped it on straight away and did some more mooching in Second Life. I selected this gorgeous turquoise & sage green version, there are others to choose from. It’s a two piece, which makes it a more flexible addition to your closet – love that. Very easy to wear, infact it fits effortlessly over my Slink Physique mesh body, a real plus. You will find this at the Sneak Peek event which is open until the 5th August – I popped over to check it out, LOTS to see !

LUXE Paris Sneak Peek event

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Too good for the Office

coldLogic NEW!_
When I saw the new releases from coldLogic this week , and read that they were the kinda thing worn as workwear. My first thought was “ohmaii, I look like a bag lady at work” ! Seriously wayyyy too cool for plodding about in. This sweater and woolie skirt combo is so soft, a range of scrumptious colours and the really fantastical thing isssss, all the pieces of this new collection can be interchanged with each other . Think of the possibilities?!

coldLogic NEW!Hough midnight garnet tone

If I was one of those sleek ladies who lunch and passed their time in elegant department stores …Id wear this chic little outfit. This is how I wish I looked allllll the time, professional, cool,calm & collected. Beautiful selection of colours and of course, you can mix n match with the other new releases for your own personal style statement.

coldLogic NEW!niven

This is more moi, totally dazed, and surrounded by work. I just LOVE this set called “niven”, it feels a touch retro and smart. What I really wanted and couldn’t find was a pair of nude silk stockings with a seam up the back to ear with it. So classy and  smart ,but also feminine.

coldLogic NEW!!!!

This is the outfit that stuck to my bones  , there’s always one that I don’t take off for ages and agessss. Superbly made two piece in a heavy knit, it’s not chunky it’s actually rather soft but you can see its one of those will-last-forever pieces. Its got a lovely vee shaped neck at the back and thick folds that make the sweater just hang so realistically. There are a coupla other new items that I havent had time to share with you, if you’re looking for some real hardworking pieces , this is the collection for you ! Thanks coldLogic team ❤

P.S Im such a dork, I managed to take ALL my photos whilst NOT wearing the alpha for my Slink hands – I only noticed this after about four outfits – and had to retake them ALL –  THIS is why I should never.ever. blog before 10 am *cringe*

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place store

coldLogic blog

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Market Day

Bubblez NEW!

I love going to the Farmers Market on a weekend, I always have a gossip, meet up with friends and come home with a bag full of full-to-the-brim-goodness treats ! Sounds boring you think? Trust me on this dolls, the Farmers Market is theeee place to peruse hot & hunky men ! Anyyyyhooo, I tend to make sure I’m looking sweet and this ensemble from Bubblez would be just purrrfect for a wander around on market day. Dainty and feminine with an exposed midriff to add eye appeal. I adore the puffed sleeves and laced front on the blouse and the pink plaid really gives it the “awww” factor. Thanks Milo ❤


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Lisp Aris Aris

I’ve been meaning to show you all this new outfit from ArisAris but kept on getting distracted by my new SL home that needed stuffing with furniture etc. Its a two piece which is great as it makes it more versatile ! Sharp pinstripe tailoring on the long flared high-waisted pants. Love the oversized buttons ! The blouse is all crisp and white with coordinating pinstripe inserts and a winged collar style, totally different from everything I’m seeing around currently ! Nipped over to the Lisp bazaar 10L garden and grabbed up this scrummy lip smacker couch and bowler hat lamps, both 10L of course – great place to pick up decor items to brighten your home.


Lisp Bazaar 10L garden