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Full Bright (Freebie).

I finally found a Twisted Hunt item  and it was a win win situation because not only is it an eye-catching outfit but as soon as I put it on I knew where to go to have some fun and get an eye-catching picture as well.  Because it’s a freebie I’ve allowed myself to play with the picture but WOW this dress GLOWS even without the trickery!


You get 2 colour options and I’m wearing the Ectoplams version which is a very cool light green and Ghostly Silver which is more emm silvery LOL.  The main body of the dress is mesh with sculpted panels over it.  I’m kicking myself as it turns out there is another overlay which I missed out in this picture.

This is the Twisted Hunt item from B!asta, there was a mans giftie in the box as well but as soon as I put the dress on I forgot about it so I’m hoping it’s still there and I’ll unpack and check it out.

What you’re looking for is a small cube, not too small that you can’t see it but drat the shops involved can put out decoys and I seem to be really good at finding the decoys LOL.  Fortunately I’ve put the link to the Hunt blog and there are the LMs and handy hints.


The Twisted Hunt Blog

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Being Twisted isnt easy

Twisted Hunt Zinnias

One of my favourite annual events is on at the moment, The Twisted Hunt. This years theme is “delirium” and boy-oh-boy there are some totally terrific gifts to search for. I’m a big fan of Zinnias and this year they are in it *squeeee*…the offering IF you can find it…is this twisted Psych-Sofa set. You get everything I’m showing above…the couch has some brilliant poses for the “patient”, and the chair is stuffed with poses for the Psychiatrist…of course no scene of this sort would be complete without some dodgy looking certificates on the wall…a potted fern to soothe peoples jangled nerves and naturally a talking parrot ! This set is SO much fun…thanks Zinnia ❤

Twisted Hunt - Finishing Touches_006

Another must-have-prize is from Finishing Touches. As soon as I saw a preview photo of this Asylum skybox I just HAD to find it. It didn’t disapoint…fabulous texturing lends it a dismal and creepy feel, yet…it would really make a great hang out pad for you and your mates.

Twisted Hunt - Finishing Touches_001

The skybox comes with a lot of extras too…you get the table and chair (great poses!), a couple of tatty rugs…some broken old wooden pallets..I so love the grungy old sink. It’s perfectly done, with scummy dirty water and rusted taps, comeplete with mirror, overhead light and skin crawlingly grubby towel on a rack..nice poses to uhm..clean your hands? !

Twisted Hunt - Finishing Touches_004

It’s possible to buy a few extras for your skybox while you’re in the store…some totally neat items to add appeal, such as this mesh pipe shelving unit…

Twisted Hunt - Finishing Touches_005

and a bath, that on closer inspection Id never.ever. want to get into ! While youre hunting out the prize,take a look around at the add on’s, well worth buying some to create a truly memorable atmosphere…thanks 24Karat ❤

This hunt is never easy, be WARNED !

Twisted Hunt Blog (all participating stores and url’s listed)


Finishing Touches


A Shadow hanging over me…

Likka*House Dusk dress for the Twisted Hunt

Gosh the Twisted Hunt is turning up some reallllll gems ! Lovely Likka Noel, designer @ Likka*House let me see her prize also! Very vamp , and VERY different..the Dusk dress is simply beautiful, sharply cut bodice, gathered arm cuffs and a feathered & floaty ballerina length skirt STUNNING! But whats that…lurking over my shoulder? The shadowy figure,clutching at  a sword…*shudders*…soooo coool! (you dont have to wear the shadow ,its optional but I love itttt)

Likka House "Victoria" in red

I was also treated to a preview of a new release…the Victoria dress (it comes in black also) Check out those details…starchy neck collar…layers of sumptuous & decadent fabric cascading over your hips,the ruffles, the bows, the lace…gothy chique! Click for a more detailed view..its yummmeh ….Thank you Likka !

Go get gothy: Likka*House


Get Poised…

Poised Twisted Hunt Gift

Get ready girls I’ve got some deeelicousness to show you from “Poised” ! First up to get the partay started is the Twisted Hunt gift, slinky deepest  burgundy colour,stocking gloves, complete with fishnets..yummeh, and if that isn’t enough…

Poised International Women's day gift

Poise Collins has also set out a verrrrry glam outfit to celebrate International Womens day hooooohahhh! Its kinda Gothy and ever so purdy…thank you Ms Collins! plussssss….

Poised IT girl March gift

Because it’s a whole newwww month..Poised has a lully gift for us hoooray! The IT girl is deceptively simple, with lotsa belt action going on..seriously check that belt OUT *faints*…so ok yus, I’m a belt freak but whoa..isnt that just squeallllllly? Pretty detail on the nape of the neck also…its sorta gathered in.. bought an unexpected smile from moi cause I lurve stuff like that…you’ll need to join the group to collect this so don’t forget! Click the pics for a close up view …

Go get lully : Poised