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Limited Bazaar

MESH Baroque Tweed suit jacket and skirt LPD

A new round of Limited Bazaar is on and I’ve got something fabbo to share with you. It’s from LpD and is called the “Baroque Tweed suit jacket and skirt”. When I first tried it on I wasnt sure Id have an occasion to wear it, it’s totally dramatic and different, and as you prolly all know I’m a jeans and sweater kinda gal at heart. However, the more I twirled and looked, the more definite I was that YES…its SO me ! The fabric is a traditional tweedy style, perfect for the cooler weather ahead…skirt has just the right amount of “flounce”, and the jacket is to.die.for , tailored and a sharp fit.

MESH Baroque Tweed suit jacket and skirt Limited Bazaar LPD

Then I started to fiddle with it, and removed the frilly cuffs and collar….and wow…two outfits in one ! Wearable both ways depending on mood or location. With the collar ruff removed, the details on the jacket are revealed…beautiful stand-up neck and buttons to match the front…I so so SO love this ! All yours for a meagre 150L – 5 mesh sizes and a demo available. Thanks Voshie ❤

Limited Bazaar

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Bundle up

We are currently in the midst of one of the coolest starts to Summer in a long, long time here in my part of Australia (and you better believe I’m loving it!) so I thought I’d bundle up in some warm gear from the Men Only Hunt and give you all a look.

First up is this gorgeous tweed suit from Gabriel. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll know I rarely pass up a chance to grab a gift from Gabriel, it’s an awesome store and this outfit doesn’t disappoint at all. It comes with the jacket, pants and a very casual tank top to wear underneath just in case it warms up plus you also get the black stole which is very easy to fit like all the attachments that come with this suit.

Another gift and another full outfit, how awesome! Lotus Noir is another store that’s new to me but definitely worth checking out. Their gift is the Turtle Duffle coat, splash shirt and jeans. The coat is a very dark green, comes with cuffs, collar and bottom section of the coat, all of which fit perfectly and looks brilliant with the grey top and jeans. The shirt also comes with a turtle neck collar if you wish to wear it but I went without it for this picture here.

Last but not least is the casual wool coat from -Quarantine-. As you can see there are definitely some fantastic winter coats to be had in this hunt. I love the texture on this, it just looks so warm. It comes with sculpted collar and bottom for the coat, both of which can be resized via a script plus sculpted cuffs which you can resize the old-fashioned way should you need to.

So there you have a few more items from this hunt that should keep you warm until I return with some more. Go out and get ’em!

Get the gear here:
Picture#1 Tweed Suit: Gabriel
Picture#2 Coat, Shirt and Jeans: Lotus Noir
Picture #3 Casual Winter Coat: -Quarantine-

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Tweedy is so in

I noticed yesterday in real life that the new Autumn ranges are packed solid with all sortsa tweeds…right on target so is Poised ! New release in many many colours is the tweeedy outfit. Stunning tight fit jacket, really traditional tailoring and neat tulip shaped cuffs, printed on belt cinches your waist in..very versatile addition to your wardrobe.



 It comes with a sweet sweet pair of shorts finished with a curved hem at the side of each thigh and fish net tights…150 each colour orrrr a just 600 for all five tones! thanks Poise xx

Tweeedy outfit: Poised

bag photo one: Spider free gift

Poses: hate me eat me

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Lucky Shot

I was standing around by my lonesome the other night when it occurred to me that I hadn’t been down to one of favourite stores, Aoharu, in a while so I decided to pay a visit. When I landed, I wondered why it was so packed. Yeah it is usually a busy store but this was something else. Once everything rezzed I saw the reason: they are in the middle of a 50% off sale! Seeing how lucky I was, I almost had an attack of the squeals (but I didn’t… really).

The first thing I treated myself to was the absolutely gorgeous British Tweed Suit you can see above. I’ve wanted one of these for a while now. There are a range of great colours to choose from and it is just such an amazing suit. Shirt, vest, jacket and slacks, it’s all there and looking fabulous. The details are fantastic, I love the rose and handkerchief.

There are a number of ways to wear this suit: shirt and pants only or you can add the vest to the shirt or the just wear the whole thing, it’s very versatile. There’s a handy notecard included to show you what to wear to get each look. I’m ever so tempted to go back and get another one or one of the elegant suits, they are just too awesome.

Aside from the lovely formal wear, Aoharu also oodles of casual coolness as well. Tanktops, shorts, shoes and super cool jeans are all there for you to pick up. The Pleat Woven Shirt and Woven Vest were new purchases for me and look brilliant matched together. I love the delicate shade of blue on the vest but there are also other colours for both. I’m not usually a fan of wholly sculpted vests but this one was so easy to fit with its resizer script.

This is definitely a sale you’ll want to take a look at, half-price on some simply amazing gear, how can you resist? It ends on September 4 so get in while the getting is good.

Get the gear here: Aoharu