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Berry Christmas

Oh dear, I think swaffette Firefly has caught herself a dose of Christmas fever as she has put this gorgeous tuxedo on the Monday Mania board today. Lucky us!

It is one of SF Design’s anniversary tuxes in Berry (can’t have anything other than red this time of year right?) and as I said, it is gorgeous. As always with SF Design tuxedos, there are plenty of options for you here, especially when it comes  to the attachments. For the lovely looking flexi jacket there are three different sizes as well as two different sizes for the shoulder pads and winged collar. The sculpted cuffs for the pants and the scrunch tie fit perfectly and I especially love the way the tie fits into the vest.

Speaking of the vest, you can wear this all by itself and still looks awesome. It has great details and that berry colour really pops. It comes on the jacket layer and shirt layer and there are also two types of the classic looking pants, one with the vest tips hanging over the waistband and one without.

Last but not least, you also get these shoes included. They are a stunning pair that go perfectly with the tux and the pattern on them is brilliant, definitely worth zooming in on and they are resizeable via script.

For L$25 you don’t want to miss out on this great tux so you’ll need to run on down to SF Design today and pick them up from the Monday Mania board located just inside the men’s casual section of SF Design.

PS: You can also find some freebies by the sleigh in between the two stores at SF Design. There are some old favourites there but also these sculpted socks which are the perfect thing to keep your tootsies warm this winter. They are also colour changeable, coming in seven different fantastic colours.

Get the gear here: SF Design

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Return to Elysium

For those of you who like your tuxedos, you’re in luck as SF Design have released a new one and it is simply gorgeous. I was lucky enough for swaffette Firefly to send me some to show you all.

It is called the Elysium and like I said, it is gorgeous. The notecard I read about it is certainly right as it does have a certain touch of flamboyant style to it, from the puffy, ruffled dress shirt sleeves to the long coat and eye-catching bow tie, this is definitely a tuxedo to behold.

It comes in lovely colours of black, blue and brown. The choice of layers for wearing these tuxes are many so you can mix and match with these quite easily and as you can see, it looks equally fabulous either with or without the coat. Each one features two different bow tie colours to choose from and the resizers make them so easy to fit. There are a lot of other attachments to be worn with the Elysium but honestly, I only had to resize the shirt collar and bow tie, the rest fit perfectly right out of the gate. I am especially ‘attached’ to the dress shirt sleeves, I love their puffiness and the little ruff at the ends, the way they hang down slightly over your hands, such a super little touch. The waistcoats included are also just as stunning and you may recognize the design from Monday Mania earlier in the week.

I can’t neglect to tell you that you also get these awesome buckled dress shoes with the Elysium tuxedo. With their beautiful design and texture, they are the perfect finishing touch for this look and saves you time pilfering your inventory for a pair of shoes that are just right.

The Elysium will cost you L$600 but in my opinion, that is well worth it for a tux of this quality. Everything looks just so good on this, the details are amazing. If you are looking for a tuxedo with a tremendous sense of style, I think you’ll find it with this. Thanks swaffette!

Get the gear here: SF Design High Society

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Hamilton Gets an Update

Who doesn’t have an SF Design tuxedo in their inventory? Gorgeous colours, different styles, there are so many to choose from that if you don’t have one in your inventory, you certainly should. Just lately, swaffette Firefly has updated her classic Hamilton Tux that you can see above in gorgeous gold. New textures, handy axis resizers and sculpted cuffs make a great tux even better.

With the Hamilton tux you can wear it in a few ways. Here I’ve got the October colour on without the coat because I love the design on the dress shirt and vest. The shirt cuffs are lovely with matching links and the collar and tie can be worn tucked into the vest like so or you have the bowtie option and both look brilliant.

I couldn’t go past the silver colour of the Hamilton Tux to show you how the tucked in tie looks with the suit coat on but there are a bunch of other colours to choose from and they all look so good. The coat also comes with a great flexi attachment to it that hangs ever so well. Best of all however, is that if you already own an older Hamilton Tux, you can put it into a box and name it ‘update tux (your name)’ and send it on to swaffette Firefly and she will give you a free updated version. How awesome is that?

Get the gear here: SF Design High Society

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I was wandering around SF Design the other night when I saw a sign advertising this gorgeous tuxedo and I mentioned to swaffette Firefly how cool it looked and she was nice enough to drop me a copy of it.

When I got it on, I found that it was as good as I thought it would be. I’m a big fan of suits and tuxedos and this came with a white jacket which just made it even more awesome. The ‘Casablanca’ tux comes with two different types of jacket: a loose-fitting one and a tighter one and the white is beautiful and crisp looking. You also get the white dress shirt, trousers and a pair of sweet-looking pair of black shoes that finish the outfit of perfectly. Both types of jacket have their own flexi coat bottoms that move nicely with you when you walk and you also get sculpted lapels and cuffs for the jacket plus cuffs for the pants and shoulder attachments for the jacket as well. Yes indeed, this is really quite jam-packed. The little ivory handkerchief attachment is a great little touch as well.

The collar and bowtie you get with this tux look brilliant and fit perfectly and comes in basic black however you can also pick up a cummerbund and bowtie add-on packs for this which you can see in the pictures above which makes a great tux even better and more versatile.

The Casablanca can be yours for the amazing price of just L$500 while the add-on packs will cost you L$100 each. This is definitely a perfect tux for those formal occasions where you want to look your absolute best. Thanks swaffette! (and thanks Faith for the pics!!)

Get the gear here: SF Design High Society


An Offer You Can’t Refuse

The Godfather. What an iconic movie. When I hear that name, I think of the theme music and Marlon Brando sitting at his desk in that tuxedo. In this tuxedo. Yes indeed, swaffette Firefly sent me her brand new release which is ‘The Godfather Tuxedo’.

It’s a gorgeously faithful recreation of Brando’s tuxedo from the movie, right down to the rose boutineer. As always with an SF Design the details are brilliant. The vest, shirt and pants are a gorgeous black but not too dark that you can’t appreciate the fine details.

 This tux comes with two different versions of the pants, one with the tips of the vest showing and one without. It also includes two different sized flexi coat bottoms that move nicely when you walk and two different options for the cuffs: one that is meant to be worn with the jacket and one set of cuffs just for the dress shirt itself plus the collar and tie. I always love the look of the collar and tie on a SF Design tuxedo and this one is no exception. Shoulder pads are also included that give the shoulders a nice round look. All of these attachments come with a resizer script for easier wearing.

Lastly, I can’t forget to mention the shoes. These gorgeous, formal black leather dress shoes come included in The Godfather tuxedo and are a perfect match to the rest of this amazing outfit.

This is absolutely an offer you cannot and should not refuse. This tuxedo is being sold for L$500 and with the quality and quantity of the items included, it’s a bargain.

Get the gear here: SF Design High Society


Molto Bello

Wow you guys are in luck today. For her Monday Mania item today, swaffette Firefly has put out her Molto Bello tails tux. If I’ve got it right, Molto Bello means ‘very handsome’ in Italian and in this tux, you will indeed look very handsome.

It’s a beautifully made tux with a vivid red vest and prim cravat (which comes in two different sizes). Aside from the cravat, the only other prims you have to wear are the tails of the tux as the undershirt fills out the sleeves and gives the jacket a thicker look around the sleeves. The tails themselves also come in two sizes. I’ve worn the large size for both of the attachments here and didn’t have to edit them at all and they look great, the tails move wonderfully as you walk.

You can also wear this tux without the jacket, just the shirt, vest with the cravat and it will look just as good. Really, this is an amazing buy for just L$25. I definitely recommend that you go and grab this one while you can and remember to pick it up from the Monday Mania board just inside the men’s section so you can have it at this amazing price.

Get the gear here: SF Design


Fire & Ice at SF Design


SF Designs new releases

Ooh, a very exciting day! swaffette Firefly has released two brand new tuxedos for us men and a gorgeous gown for the ladies.

The new tuxedos are called the ‘siddharts’ and come in either Fire or Ice. Now I know when you hear the word ‘tuxedo’ you immediately think of a wedding or something of a similar formal tone and while these tuxes are definitely formal, they are not the usual penguin suit you might think of. Click the pics for a closer more detailed view !
SF Designs new releases

 As you can see, these tuxes aren’t just ‘black and white’. The wonderfully bright patterned vests make them stand out from the crowd and the untucked vests break away from the ultra formal look. You could still wear these to a wedding or a ball but the look of these tuxedos give them a whole lot more wearability. And of course, they are just brilliant looking tuxedos. As I said, the colours on the vests and ties are bright and stand out so well but there’s much more to these tuxes than the colours.It’s very hard to see but the coat has a subtle pattern running through it, again something different, and a very nice surprise when you notice it. The cuffs come in two different versions: one with the shirt sleeve just poking out of the jacket cuff, or the shirt sleeve with cufflinks to match the vest which are amazing looking and they also come in a version with a resizer script included.

 The jacket prim comes in three different sizes which will save you a lot of time editing prims. There are also two different versions of the collar, giving you lots of different options to wear these tuxes with. Both tuxedos also come with a pair of emilio shoes included, gorgeous black buckled dress shoes that go with the tuxedos absolutely perfectly.

SF Designs new releases

Now onto the ladies – I’ve mentioned before that I’m not so great at writing about female fashion except in terms of whether I like it or not so before I get all lazy, I will say this: I think this dress is absolutely gorgeous. Ice Princess is the perfect name for this gown because when wearing it, you will most certainly look like a princess. Now I’ll turn you over to swaffette Firefly’s information card included with the dress .

“Ice Princess is a special gown created to compliment the Magic jewelry set by Jake.  A fairytale style gown will full skirt which will make you the princess of the ballroom.
It features a sculpted flouncy skirt with a layer of shimmering crystal lace. A tight detailed embroidered satin bodice and sculpted sleeves.”

Also included with the Ice Princess gown is a pair of lovely sculpted stilettos that compliment this gorgeous flowing dress wonderfully well.

*added by Faithless because I can !

The gown is sumptous, check out the layering on the skirt, intricate icey blue beads cascade down, I cant explain, my poor words sorry, but..it just moves , sways,tumbles around your body as you walk, I adore the sculpted pelvis skirt, it gives a realistic effect to the whole outfit. As is usual with SF Designs quality, the bodice is stunning & detailed, the back also, tightly fitting and delicately beaded. The shoes are purrfect, high heels with a complimenting design across the toes, and you know what? Take the skirt off and take a look at the *bloomers* beneath, isnt that SO adorable? !

The ‘siddhart’ tuxedos and ‘Ice Princess’ gown are available for L$600 each and are worth every penny.

Get the gear here: SF Design High Society