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Updated “Spendy”.

Just thought I’d show off my new “spendy” item which finally completes my Ballerina look.

It may shock you that I spent more Lindens cos I’m a Cheap B* but to me it’s totally worth the 255Ld price tag because it’s just what I wanted.

I found this on the Marketplace but logged inworld as the shop I got it from,!gO, is one of the shops I have been a group member of for an SL lifetime and so I was hoping I had enough group credit to buy it but I didn’t but again when it’s something that brightens your SL and RL day then it’s really just a few pennies worth of joy.

You do get more than the 2 sizes of skirt, I’m wearing the larger size but the smaller one isn’t much smaller and you also get a leotard to be worn with the skirts or on its own but I do have to say much to my surprise considering the high standards and uniqueness of the !gO range it wasn’t very good.  The shoulders/arms have that thick “basic” look to them so unlike !gO but I was really so pleased with the skirt and it can be worn over anything so I am more than happy.

There is also a whole range of colours to choose from and I would have loved to buy the other colours as well but then I got all mean and slammed my SL wallet firmly shut.

PS The picture was taken in the sim setting I was on but you can see the lovely mesh detailing but always try the demo and the MP link is for the demo.

!gO(Marketplace for the Demo)



Ballerina girl

Poised new release Chika in coal with camo tank

Happy Tuesday! Poised has a sooper new release and Posie Collins is letting me show you *squidges her*..its called “Chika” and is a cheeky little number..each set comes with the tutu skirt that skimssss your tushie…and FOUR co-ordinating tanks in luciousssss colours ..this is the first springggg release for 2011!!!

Chika Fade with baby pink tank

This outfit is sooooo versatile…wear it together, use the tanks with your jeans…I added some sassy fishnets and chunky boots with mine..for a grungier look…

Chika Gray with Gray tank

Would look equally as good with heels …or sneakers..dont forget you’re getting heaps of tanks with the skirt ! Head on over today and check out the lulliness..dont forget to slap the lucky boards butt on your way in !

Go be a cheeky girl: Poised