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What Did I Buy ?!

What did I buy we sales - Loki sweater

Well I looked and I looked and found not-a-lot to buy in this weeks w/e sales *faints*. However as soon as I saw this sweater @ Loki I zipped over to grab it. I actually bought the 50% discounted fat pack I liked it THAT much! Its got a sweet fuzzy texture that just oooozes cosiness.

sweater Hud

This is the fat pack Hud and as you can see there are some exclusive patterns and a ton of colours and options for the sweater and for the Turtleneck – love it ❤ You’ll find a few colours are in the weekend offer for $60L each or the discounted fatpack for $450L.


Faith is wearing:

-Pretty Liars- Butt lift + Enhancements LEVEL 8
Beloved Jewelry : Spine Piercing-Gemstone (Maitreya)
IKON Promise Eyes (left) – Denim
IKON Promise Eyes (right) – Denim
[Z O O M] Butterfly Heart Septum – Left Nostril
Kibitz – Rona’s bracelet – left – gold
N-core LOVE ANKLETS “Gold” Maitreya L
[Cinoe] Wizard’s treasure – Small drop Ring (R)
Kibitz – Isobel’s earrings – right – gold
Kibitz – Isobel’s earrings – left – gold
L&B * LARAfit Heels* Swear Cassie Jeans v1.2
Loki – Penelope Fluffy Sweater – Maitreya
Exile:: Arista
Kaithleen’s Sparkle Maitreya Lara
[Gos] Tamara Ankle Boots – Black Suede

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Free @ Neve

FREE @ Neve Merry in four colours

I managed to get over to the Shop & Hop and plucked a few of the free gifts up – of course I grabbed the present from Neve ! This is the “merry” pinafore & sweater – its an all-in-one kinda deal. You get four plaids and four plains in the pack with sizes for Maitreya, Maitreya Petite, Legacy & Legacy Perky.

Link below listing all the stores @ The Shop & Hop – no group to join for the gifts. Highlights for me are as follows: Jian wearable pet, gift card from Addams, Neve dress !

Links to all stores @ The Shop & Hop

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Falling leaves


Super news from Neve – a squillion bundles of new pretties yay! My absolute favourite is above – the “off kilter” outfit – YES an outfit , we don’t get many of those do we?! Whats truly remarkable about this outfit, is those clever little Neve elves have made it possible to wear this as above orrrrrrr without the snuggly turtle neck – just use the Hud et voila. It’s totally flexible and of course there are heaps of different packs to choose from. I plumped for the “plaid” pack – four colours per pack don’t forget.


Such a rich Autumnal berry red to harvest my apples in – delicious. Mesh bodies catered for plus standard avatar sizes: Includes Standard Sizes XXS, XS, SM, M – Maitreya Lara Fitted – Belleza Isis and Freya Natural Fitted – Slink Physique and Hourglass Fitted.


The second new release is the “careless dress”, its wonderfully easy to wear and so slinky. Sensual and casual all-in-one! Lovely array of colour packs to choose from, everything from plaid to plain – demos available instore and on the market place. Thanks you neve team ❤

neve store

neve market place

neve blog (for all info)

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Suited and Booted – Promo 99L !

Stars Fashion NEW 99L Promo

Stars Fashion has delivered another bundle of sooper releases for you – and all on promotion for just 99L for a few more days ! This complete outfit – that includes boots, tights, jacket and dress is called *Winter is not cold”.

Stars Fashion complete outfit with boots 99L !

What I really loved about it is you have the ability to wear the jacket and dress together, and also the dress on its own. Two versions of the jacket and dress are given in the box – so make sure you are wearing the correct one (unlike me – who wasnt initially DUH) The jacket is beautifully textures and has a great old leather look too it.


The dress stands on its own as a great piece . Fantastic woven leather belt wraps around your hips and a turtle neck top to the dress which is fab for this time of year. Only a few days left at the Promotion price of 99L so dashhhhh over and check out the other outfits included .

Stars Fashion

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Humming my favourite tune

Sooo I’m still trying to not spend so much (yeah right !) and saw an article on The Rumour about this store called “humming”..they had shown a pretty tasty little tunic top for just 30L and I just thought..Id sort of…poop over..and LOOK. Anyyywayyy…I did pop over..and looked a lot…then a bit more…and a coiled spring…sprungggg into action ! The thing is..nothing is over 30L (as far as I saw anyway) so I snapped up this deelightful little cardi for 30L..then spied a very sweet skirt for  was SO there honest…not bad for 31L right?

Then I noticed these little red tags on some clothing..welll whats a girl to do..they were marked to 1L ..I mean cmon..1L??? Could you realllly not buy them for so little? Above I splurged 1L on a fab patchwork can wear it with the sweater underneath or without…The dotty skirt is also just 1L and is in three colours for you to choose from..or you know…could get all three for umm 3 L…*gasp*

Then I saw the new release, this pretty special *winter dress* had one shade for only 1L..ohmaiii…it just leapt into my hot sweaty little paws..and I have to say…I will be going back for it in another shade…30L its an absolute steal.

Paused for breath and then turned my attention to the next rack of gear and found this cuter-than-cream pants set for don’t have to wear the sweater under or the shorts…it would make a really sweet spring/summer dress on its the daisy detailing around the neck..

Last but not least…is this beautiful outfit called “flower dress”, it comes with the turtle neck underneath..but again you dont have to use also has another layer to turn the top into a camisole..sweet! Again only 1L…all of the above cost me just 36 Linden dollars…cant beat that huh? !

All the gear: Humming

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Depraved Nerd

I was wandering around tonight and came across Nerd Project, a store  I hadn’t visited for a while and I found a new release: this awesome ‘Big Turtleneck Sweater’. I love these big, chunky sweaters, the texture on this is fantastic and so warm-looking I’d be waiting a fair few months to wear this if it were in real life. The sculpted attachments for the sleeves, collar and bottom of the sweater are really cool and fit pretty well and there’s also a female version of the hem so it’s unisex as well. It comes in four super colours and is a bargain for only L$135. There are a lot of cool clothes and a few gacha machines down there, well worth a look.

The hair I’m wearing in this picture is MADesign’s A Depraved and Desolate Winter hunt gift and is called Logan and as you can see it is pretty funky. I like it a lot, it’s something different to my usual hairstyles and the black and brown colour is brilliant. For more info on the hunt (which finishes on the 15th of this month) you can take a look here:

Get the gear here:
Sweater: Nerd Project
Hair: MADesigns

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Market Place Steals

Mooching through the market place and found a coupla things to show you, above is the snuggly vest & sweater from Quintessencia..a mere 5L will bag you this pink sleeveless jacket with sooper the grey turtle neck wooly (had to a little editing on the vest, so make sure you keep a copy before fiddling!)

New to me store Milk Hall had this superb winter coat, hats & boots on offer ! Zero cost yay! The boots are very cool..colour change for the sock part so would blend with lots of coats etc..the hat is extra furrry…minor adjustments to the size and it fitted like a glove..

I popped over to their inworld store also and found a gazillionnnn gifts ! I will try blog them later…

Any fan of high heeled boots would be delighted to find these black snowflake encrusted ones free ! No prim mangling required..straight outta the box..

Quintessencia vest & sweater:

Milk Hall coat,hat & boots:

Patulas House Christmas Boots: