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The Challenge – Your country?

The Challenge - Cleo Design The Bazaar - coldLogic shorts & shirt - Rug by Zigana

What an interesting theme for this months “The Challenge” ! Its “your country”, each designer has made something that , for them, represents their part of the globe. Cleom Bailey from Cleo Designs has made this massive Turkish Bazaar, as she is located in Turkey. Its based upon the Bazaar in Istanbul, I’ve seen many snapshots from friends vacations and this really does look the same! I can just imagine myself wandering down the noisy, small streets, vendors urging me to view their goods. All the little trinkets and gems making it incredibly hard to resist. There really is SO much to see in this epic set, tiny cups and saucers, hookah pipes, leather pouffes and more. The brilliant thing is, you can buy as much or as little as you wish. I popped over to Cleo Designs to take a gander and noticed a lot of the set is set for sale individually . Go take a peek at the store, it’s all laid out for you to fiddle about with and test poses etc. There really is a lot more I just had no room to show !

The Challenge - Cleo Design interior

Part of the set is also this piece, set in an apartment type room.  It’s so evocative of those far-flung old movie sets, Turkish inspired yet with a modern twist. I especially liked the beaten, old leather pouffe’s, they look ancient, as if many many people had lounged on them. Theres even a local scene behind the glass, which gives the whole space atmosphere. The couch and chair both have some lovely animations in them, a few rezzing props , such as the magazine I’m reading.

The Challenge - Cleo Design interior - pouf & wicker chair

Here is the wicker chair, partner to the couch. I’ve stopped playing around with the photo editing (I bet you’re glad!) To show off the rich decadence of the fabrics used. Gem tones and vibrant leathers on the pouffe. I’m sure I can catch a waft of exotic street food coming in from that open window.

The Challenge - Cleo Design interior - FREE mesh outfit & jewelry !

Loved the animations in the chair, especially the gorgeous scent bottle I was given to wear with it. Which reminds me, my outfit was a real find last night. I know it’s a bit of a cliche, wearing harem pants for a Turkish themed décor, but..I just so loved it ! I found it in Minnies Spring Hunt, which runs until the 30th April. You have to find eight eggs, which are scattered around two locations.

Free outfit & jewelry - Egg Hunt

Not only the outfit, but also the jewellery is up for grabs too. You actually get two sets of the outfit, beige as above and also white. The jewellery set comprises of earrings, necklace and bangle, what a superb haul !

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Rug photo 1 – Zigana rag rug 

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