Pretty smexy freshhhhhhhhhhhhhh !

RibboN union jack skirt 20L

Haiii ! I’ve got summer blues you know? Christmas is kinda over..and Im longinggg for spring & summer !Sooo I decided to do a little shopping for zesty fresh gear…scooted over to RibboN a new store I found a month or so ago and snapped up a few zestttttty outfits…above is the union jack skirt I just couldn’t resist…such bright satin colours (it does come in other colour options too) high-waisted and snug fitting purrrfect for my temperament today ! Click on the photos for a closer view !

RibboN Jewel Tunic in blue denim

Then I spied this oh-so-cute tunic for 30L..the jewels across the bust are soooper sparkly! (and the whole top is resizable to fit all boob sizes yay!) The texture detail is fahbulous..I teamed it up with my fishy strawberry ripped net leggings..it comes in two other colour options also.

RibboN black lace dress 25L

Isnt this dress just breath-taking? Its available in white also but as I was on the look out for something for New Years eve I went for black…frilly flouncy net skit pufffs out around you, rufffled net across the breasts and a divine little net pompom for your head..gorjusss!!! Can you believe this little stunner is just 25L? no I double checked the price too ! Price range from as little as 20L – 50L

Go smooch about..theres a group dollarbie on offer also at the moment that looks a lotta fun !

Go get ribbons : RibboN

For the curious: first two hair styles by Truth, last hair style by curio, Skin by redgrave,red shoes gift from kookie (LOVE that store) black shoes by GOS. Necklace blogged before from Zara,ripped fishnets by Fishy strawberry (lovvvvve them) Stool by Props & poses.White tank in first pic by Bubblez