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Free for drifting around in

Love when I find a nifty little item that I know I will wear and wear. This super beach dress / coverup is from M&M, you pay $1L and it gets paid right back to you – no group to join. Sizes include Maitreya,TMP,Slink & Slink Hourglass. Fantastic fit and super easy to wear.


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Free finds and new Hair

Found a new to me store yesterday – GeMyles – full of lovely things and also some great  gifts. The board says that the tunic dress is a group gift but I collected it without being a member, the lucky boards just to the side are free to all also. I snagged some free hair that I havent tried on yet too! The tunic dress is adorable, mesh body & standard fits included – perfect fit! The foot ribbons are for Slink high feet, I won the black and white pairs from the lucky boards woohoo! Always wanted to try these as I rarely remove my Slink high feet and these are such a pretty addition for them. Bought the newest Exile hair at collabor88, Gorjus style and great for windy beach scenes.



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Caress me

Ninight creations NEW!

Ever wear something that makes you feel all soft and feminine? Yeah well…thats this tunic from Ninight Creations…it just looks sooooo stroka-bubble doesn’t it? Gorgeous to wear, either with or without pants or tights…its the perfect length really. There are a variety of colours to choose from , take a look on the market place or at the mainstore.

Ninight creations tunic NEW! coldLogic jeggings meeters cocoa NEW!

Told you I was going to wear my coldLogic meester jeggings to-death didn’t I ?! I found them so compatible with this new release, and the cocoa shade looked almost edible with the lush creamy beige of the tunic. The belt on the top sits really well around your hips. Have a feeling this will become my go-to-outfit for the Fall.

Ninight Creations store

Ninight Creations market place

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place store

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Fringe benefits

MOLiCHiNO group gift LahLah mesh halter top

Yesterday I visited MOLiCHiNO for the first time to go buy the Fifty Linden Friday item…while I was there I noticed a special VIP members area with some totally gorgeous gifts. Have to say I’m very picky about joining groups these days, I never have enough slots ! Anywayyy, I decided to get in the groove and stumped up 150L to enter…totally worth it. This is the group gift lahlah mesh halter top goes so perfectly with the FLF skirt and the fit is exceptionally good, especially around the shoulders.

The MOLiCHiNO group gift relaxed tunic

I also nabbed this relaxed mesh tunic, great for slinging on over leggings or jeans…or perhaps alone like I have as a short casual dress…so like the rough knitted texture used for this.

MOLiCHiNO group gift Chrissy sweater dress

Last group gift I received is this bright and breezy Chrissy sweater dress, such a perfect colour for the warmer weather. Really lovely fit, I sometimes find with this style of item I get break throughs on the wrists and around the neckline…not so with this, like a glove ! Group is 150L to join, I don’t often join pay groups but given the quality of the items I wanted to keep up to date with this designer and the sweetener of the gifts was tooo hard to ignore !




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Perfect Timing

I was just about to TP to a shop that I know sells skins which are designed to be worn with Lola Tangoes because I have heard that people are worried that they won’t be able to get a skin match so I decided I’d buy a skin and see if those few people who cannot for some reason match their skin can buy one.  Fortunately before I went shopping I decided to clean out some of my invent and see if there was any goodies and I came across a box from Hot Stuff and tucked inside was some  WOO HOO Lola Tango SKINS! I wasn’t too excited at first because they come in such small boxes with even smaller pictures on the front so you couldn’t really see how good they are and they are good.


A couple of surprises is that you put on your lola boobs and put on the skin and in the skin package comes an Applier which applies the matching boob skin colour.  So I had a horrid thought that if you need to apply the skin with an applier then you won’t be able to apply a clothing layer over the top and that’s not the case at all.  Your skin applier colours the boobs and whatever you chose to wear on top you use the applier given with that outfit and it simply layers it over the breast skin.  EASY. As an added bonus this free’s up your tattoo layer so you can use that for something else.


This is Regina coral skin and the darker skin is the Regina Nutmeg.  Now I have taken a really good naked shot so you could have a better view of the skin match and nipple colouring and then I remembered the 1 nip rule which basically means I can’t really show that picture but if you look at my Flickr then it will be there.  So this is the prudish shot and the rudish shot is……..HERE


Because there is no demos of this skin I just snapped this close up of the Reginal Coral skin at a normal SL miday light setting (face light on though I never ever not wear a FC).  250Lds and you get 3 choices of make ups and cleavage options and at that price a bargain. Speaking of which quite a few hunts going on and lots of Group Gifts and old hunt items going for cheap on the table.  So make sure you check them out.

Hot Stuff


Betsy hits town

Oh the Spring & Summery releases are coming thick and fast these days ! Janie Marlowe @ Jane has these deelightful tunic tops called “Betsy”, they come with the option to wear the lower prim showing the floral blaze and also just plain. They have a country feel to them with the checked band tied tight under your bust and a sweeter than sweet bow at the back…

As soon as I saw the cameo halter I knew it would be a wardrobe staple ! These type of shirts are sooo very useful with capris, skirts,leggings,jeans etc etc..this one is exceptionally pretty also yay! Beautiful sewn edges around the hem and neck…deep Vee back..just perfect..Ive been lured out of my usual truffle colours lately , this tangerine is to-die-for…

..and soo is the celery tone …I’m veering towards these two shades a lot recently..notice the little teaser of pants I’ve been showing? Welll..

…they are new also..the “port crops”, Capri pants..effortlessy stylish with a choice of rolled up or turned down cuffs, great detailing on the shading ,creasing and little buttons..a real winner..3 shades, Im wearing navy with one of the betsy tunics..(the no flower version just to show you)

Oh a side note..due to popular demand Janie is going to sell the piggies & needful things in GREEDY packs hurrah! Head on over today and snaffle up some springtime goodness..

Go get sprung! : Jane


Elemiah Design times two…

Elemiah Designs have released new pieces..and just in time to make it onto the list for my Royal Wedding celebrations ! Indie, as shown above is a peach..not only a delightful bottom skimming dress, but also can be used as a flirty little tunic. Beautiful colour mixing on this version, blues and purples with a grape hue in the mix..I’ve worn it with my netting leggings for a more relaxed feel..

Here it is again…this time in more summery tones..I adore the shoulder wrap of ruffles that almost dances its way across your chest..very chic.

Why do I have an umbrella? Welll…Im pretty sure it’s going to rain on William & Kate’s big day Friday..Im test driving the look ! Ive also matched the Indie dress up with my new little bit of frippery from hate me eat me (big thanks to riri bazar) Its called “windy” and comes in many squilllllions of colours..

Finally…Im going to show you “Dimanche” a charming feminine dress with a white base and delicate print all over..layers of semi sheer fabric curl around your body and the fitted bodice really shows off your naked shoulders perfectly..would look great with casual summer wedges or dressed up with personal favourite…(thank you Elemiah Choche)

Indie dress: 200L   Dimanche dress: 160L

Go get beautiful: Elemiah Design  On the market place here:

Credits: Pose & umbrella sway dench, hair by Truth,skin Curio,hair piece hate me eat me (Also provided the pose for Photo No.1-prices range from 2-25L per pose)