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My name is Dolores


ohmai – I started a bit of a giggle-snort when this new little frock from Neve hit my paws – NOT because of the dress but – Dolores was the fake name I used to give guys (along with my fake telephone number) when I wasn’t interested in them ! Ahhhh the memories – seriously though, Dolores isn’t a common name and they believed me?! Anyhooo onto the buzz, this IS “Dolores”, well one version of it anyway. I’m wearing the “Layered” option, and I was immediately taken with this faded antique blue. Just love the slightly puffed sleeves and sweet details round the hem. Easy to wear and mix in with other pieces in your wardrobe. I say it’s a dress but you know whut? It works as a tunic too – key item to grab, you will wear it heaps. Thanks Neve team ❤

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Hair by no match @ The Liason Collaborative

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Caress me

Ninight creations NEW!

Ever wear something that makes you feel all soft and feminine? Yeah well…thats this tunic from Ninight Creations…it just looks sooooo stroka-bubble doesn’t it? Gorgeous to wear, either with or without pants or tights…its the perfect length really. There are a variety of colours to choose from , take a look on the market place or at the mainstore.

Ninight creations tunic NEW! coldLogic jeggings meeters cocoa NEW!

Told you I was going to wear my coldLogic meester jeggings to-death didn’t I ?! I found them so compatible with this new release, and the cocoa shade looked almost edible with the lush creamy beige of the tunic. The belt on the top sits really well around your hips. Have a feeling this will become my go-to-outfit for the Fall.

Ninight Creations store

Ninight Creations market place

coldLogic store

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Lovin Skintimate


Happy Monday! Two grrrrreat items to help you get through the day..Skintimate have this deelicious skin out for just 10L *faints*, totally fab body detailing and soft gentle features…its a beautiful tone also, one thing I noticed was the eye make up..when you blink and see the eyelid its gorjusss! Group join is free (you don’t need to join to buy this skin) and past group gifts are right at the desk for you to snaffle up ! I’m also showing the new group gift from C’est la vie, the “lovin” tunic is packed with detail on the fabric and comes with a seriously lovely brown suede look belt..I love! (group join is free yay!)

Skin : Skintimate

Tunic top: C’est la vie



*happy sigh* If you’re into shabby chic like moi, you’re going to adore this new release from Arisaris..its called Georgia and is impossibly sweet. (thank you Ariadna  xx) The outfit comprises of a patchwork tunic-top with frilled hemline and bodice (all have resizers in them for the perfect fit) and a pair of worn capri pants. The pants are adorabubble..big slouchy pockets with cord ties in metal/silver and happy turned up cuffs..I wore it all straight offa-the-peg so no prim fiddling ,always a bonus..

Because I have one of those sooper annoying ao’s where clothes dig into your body as you spin around etc, I also tried it on without the top prim, and yay! it still looked yummmy…love how one strap is falling off your shoulder…its a real cutie-pie outfit..all yours for just 220L. While you’re there, don’t forget to join the group for future news & offers and head up the stairs and nab yourself a few past group gifties!

Go get shabby : Arisaris