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Old pants new look.

RonsemAs promised more on the new shirt from Ronsem.  To make me part my my Lindens something has to be new and fresh and this is the first time I’ve seen a mesh shirt with that tucked in the front look an added bonus is that it fits perfectly with a pair of Ronsem jeans that I’ve had for a long time.  Called Military Shirt 2 means that you do get the Khaki, black and grey colours (I’m wearing the Drab Olive colour) but there is also more colourful choices as well such as red. 190Lds each or a Fat Pack of 7 colours for 850Lds.  Only comes in 3 sizes l/m/s but even for my small av it’s a good fit but of course Demo available as well as Group Gifts.  Not sure if you have to pay to be a “Ronsem VIP” because I’ve been in this group for so long I’ve forgotten but there is always group gifts set out.

The jeans are their straight jeans and come in not only more sizes but also a belted and unbelted option.