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Tom’s Diner

Aphrodite - Coffee Tray NEW!

one of my all time fav songs inspired this blog post (Toms Diner here), when I’m in London there are a few American styled diners I frequent and adore. So here we go, enough rambling about me me me, and onto the gear. I have the Aphrodite special blends coffee tray balanced niftily on my hand. This is a new item and is sooper fancy especially if you’re big into entertaining. You can wear it as it has a waiter animation built inside, and if your friends click the tray they get offered one of nine specially blended coffee’s ! You can also rez the tray on a  table , bar etc, it’s not terribly prim heavily and is ever so pretty. The drinking animation is lovely and for added realism in main chat it even tells you how your chosen blend is made .

Aphrodite - Tea Tray

Another version is also available the “exclusive blends” tea-tray. Who drinks tea in a diner? Well ME ! This has a staggering fifteen blend options ! As with the coffee tray, you can also rez this on a  table if you wish or wear it with the waiter animation (just use ADD). My dress is from the new round of collabor88 from katatOnik. Such a brilliant repro of a waitress retro frock and loads of colours to choose from. My hair is by Truth, also at collabor88 anddddd last but VERY not least, if you’ve always wanted to try a Curio skin by Gala Phoenix, get one in this round. I couldn’t believe the price ! just 388L a pack, which includes ALL skin tones (no appliers), bloody marvellous !

Aphrodite main store

Aphrodite blog

Aphrodite market place store


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Pretty Little things

coldlogic swan buff - truth hair lolita, eclectica necklace

coldLogic has released a mahoosive new collection of Spring time goodness, seriously, its huge! There is so much to see, and as always great value for money. There are frocks and Capri pants and shirts and t-shirts, even full outfits that you can mix-n-match pieces with. I’m going to split it all up into a few posts so I can share all the pretties with you ! Above I’m wearing “swan” in buff, its  dainty wee dress, with a row of blooms under the bust area and strippy strappy straps over your shoulders. Three tiers of ruffles glide around your hips.

coldLogic NEW Loring blush & mocha - Truth hair Harriet

I wriggled into “loring”, I just adored the blush and mocha combination. The skirt looks like soft cotton and the blouse part (which is joined) a little more silky. There is button detail alongside the light draped bow that hangs loosely from the neckline. Its a deceptively casual look, that’s so nicely executed it feels rather swish. If I saw this in a department store, Id kinda know from the elegant lines it was going to cost me some serious cash !

coldLogic NEW esch blush - Truth Harriet hair

Heres one of the full outfits, which I think represent such a good deal. A lightweight jacket over a springtime dress, but wait – it’s so much more ! You can wear the jacket on its own or the dress on its own, or the whole she-bang together ! There is a lovely palette of spring time tones in this , demos freely available on the market place or mainstore. Thank you coldLogic team ❤

Eclectica NEW!

If you’re curious about my necklaces in this blog post – here’s the low down. These darling timepieces are on offer at The MadPea steampunk gacha fair, and all are by Eclectica.  They really are heirloom pieces, something you’d always keep, or give to someone super special in your Secondlife. There are fob watches for the guys and necklaces for the girls. Make sure to look at them closely, the clockwork parts actually move ! The tiny cogs and wheels all spin, isn’t that just adorable?

Eclectica - NEW!

Heres a few more that you can win, there are commons, rares and ultra rares – good luck ! Thanks Tiffy ❤

All clothing by coldLogic

coldLogic mainstore

coldLogic blog

coldLogic market place

All hair by Truth (lolita hair is at collabor88)

Truth mainstore

Truth market place

Necklace by Eclectica

Eclectica mainstore

MadPea Steampunk gacha fair

Eclectica blog

Eclectica market place

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The World & His Wife

All seem to be at some big events that are going on inworld at the moment, such as Whore Couture2  and The Arcade Gacha Event but I managed to get myself into a couple of very popular shopping events and grab a couple of goodies.


A lovely satin (non mesh) blouse.  Have to say pretty happy with this picture because I think you can see clearly it’s lovely sheen, ruffles down the front and  the puffy sleeves that don’t look like ham hocks for a change and to be able to do a tied bow at the next without it looking like you have no neck is a bonus.  A bigger bonus is the 25Lds price tag!  This is a  blouse from Sassy called Intrigue and you can get this gold coloured one from Free*Style.  As usual I’m writing this as I’m walking around Sassy LOVE the fact that although they’re not afraid of Mesh or even Lola Tangos they still lean more towards the non mesh and why not when they do it so well!! They have some live models wearing their clothes and it’s actually hard to tell the difference between mesh and non mesh the texturing is that good.  If you need a non mesh “wiggle dress” then this is the place.

It’s also the place to come if you want to win a shop quality item on the Lucky chair like I did or sign up for the group and snag all the great gifts out. You may also want to make a note that Ivy Burner, the owner of Sassy has a Newbie pack out so if you’re a nice  person and find a noob shove her in this direction she will thank you. The hunt going on at the moment is The Twisted Delirium Hunt, hint given.

Free*Style is the place for visit for some pretty generous bargain priced gifts and some freebies  from some of the more well know SL shops.  Mesh clothes, skins, jewelry, poses a bit of everything or rather a lot of everything because there is also a second floor to this shop.

Peri1The next item is this hair.   A lovely big fat high pony tail that doesn’t look childish in fact I think that from the front it is a pretty grown up and elegant hair do.  From Truth and it’s their FaMESHed offering and for a pack of 6 dark brown colours you get  the same 6 colours with roots so a total of 12 choices for only 200Lds.  Loads of different fat packs and again I caved in and as I’ve stood here getting the LM for you lot I caved in andf bought the coloured Fat pack for not only 16 vivid colours but about 16 of the same colours with roots so a total of 32!!! hairs for 200!


Sassy Main Store

Truth Marketplace


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Paradise Circus

Scarlet Creative Bath

As soon as I heard there was a sale on at Scarlet Creative, I headed over to take a gander…there are all sorts of items included…I especially loved this Paradise Circus bath tub. Such a classic style with a modern twist…and oh mai..the poses are just heavenly. Spent a couple of happy hours splashing about and chatting…really really lovely…and the cost for all this decadence? Just 10L ! Unbelievable I know…I spotted plenty more at that price range…also some mesh for only 50L..not sure how long this sale lasts…so dash !

Truth group gift hair

Must mention my gorgeous up do hair called “January”… it was sent out through the Truth subscribo…and if you join its still there in the notices to pick up. You get a stonking big fat pack of ALL colours *squeee* – thanks Mister Hawks ❤

Scarlet Creative


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Looking ahead…

Looking ahead to those warmer days…Ever an Angel has some new releases for you to snaffle up..I really liked this mesh top “whisper” and found them a great match for the new roll cuff shorts in sand…the top would also look great with a skirt for a dressier occasion. My hair is the latest group gift from Truth, called “bunny”, all group members received a stonking big fat pack of all shades yay! Ohhh, more about this later- but if you’re liking my newww skin…its from Hush..part of their new releases, this ones called “Fay” , I’m wearing the honey tone and glimmer makeup…I simply adore these skins, and for once..I’m wearing it instead of my usual curio *gasp*…such lovely features…and fantastic body contours & shading…dont forget to collect the new April group gift while you’re there…gorjuss eyelashes !

Next release from Ever an Angel is the mesh “lotus garden sandals” and the “lotus garden” mesh top in passion fruit, plusss the skinny trousers in a yummy papaya shade. For those of you who prefer non mesh..the pants are really nice…the sandals have a fairly simple to use HUD…even I managed to get my skin tone matched hurrah!

Last up from me for today (but there is heaps more newness out in the store) is this straight-into-summer ensemble…by the sea tide pool sandals,skirt bracelet & cami top. Suchhhh a lush colour, reminds me of blue skys…nice to see a couple of sizes for the skirt yay! Im wearing the curvy option which fitted beautifully…head over and take a peek…its a huge store with plenty to see…thanks Ever an Angel !

Ever an Angel