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Hot coco (oodles of freebies for men and women).

Good new and even better news, cocoro Lemon is having a massive clear out in her shop, Coco Designs, in preparation for starting the New Year as a shop that sells mesh only.  So the good news is that she’s reduced the price of all her Sculpted items to ZERO (the even better news is I can hardly wait to see what new stock she comes up with).


So in a rush I pulled a few poses and snapped away because I would hate for anyone to miss this golden opportunity to restock their whole wardrobe for nothing for example the coat, jeans and boots are all free from Coco (the hair is a lovely new Mina hair with gorgeous Ombre shading but since I can’t do it justice at the moment I’ll do that later).  In her Sculpted section she has everything from pretty feminine dresses, coats, tops, shirts, jeans, boots which are uni sexed.

I unashamedly grabbed ALL of the strappy heels which although I can’t remember how much I paid for the pair I already had I know they weren’t cheapos.  I also grabbed all the petal hats but resisted the belts and bags because honestly by this time I was clicked out.  I’ve also sent Baylen the LM because those boots are definitely uni sexed and there are mens shoes and I’m pretty sure the jeans are also uni sexed so even the man in your life can splash out and stock up on the goodies.


Again the coat, jeans and boots all free.  This maybe Sculpted and yes it does have it’s flaws such as when you sit down or try to pose but this is the best of the best in sculpties in SL.  The blending is second to none the texturing top class and good enough even for mesh heads to love.

OK going to be lazy here but I just don’t know when this sale is going to be over and of course with Christmas fast approaching people’s time in SL maybe limited so thats my excuse for posting the links to some previously blogged items.

Over sized frilly blouse

Sexy Unzipped Pants

cocoro Lemon has also always been pretty generous with her (free to join) group Gifts so make sure to join her group and keep an eye out for future Group Gifts.

COCO Designs

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Breaking the rules.

Faith doesn’t have many rules but the one which I am breaking is blogging something that is a demo, but my excuse is I’m waiting for the FATEwear, FATEplay and Cold Logic 48 hour sale to start before I start to grab as many of the brilliant Damian Fate’s clothes that I can afford.

FateSo I’ve logged off standing in Fatewear because it is Monday and when I relog back in I should be right in the middle of the sale and I have my shopping list all prepaired.

As I’ve said this is just for 48 hours so don’t be late.


FATEwear Blog

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Mens’ Freebies, shape, skin, clothes.

MrBlocMy preference for skin and shape is pale and weedy (check out my other photos) but when Mr Bloch sent out a notice about his November Group Gift of a shape and full skin pack I had to get it.  The body has well designed muscle shading with broad shoulders and slim hips but not so extreme you look deformed and with the full choice of skin colours a very generous GG.  Although I will still use my preferred skinny ass shape I’m going to be keeping this one for future use in some pictures.

JacketNice to get a bit of colour other than brown, greys etc.  The shirt is an add on.  This comes from Platypus and is their and is their Frozen Hunt item (it’s a snow flake that you’re looking for).  If you want the second outfit then look at the MM boards and you will find the snowflake there. Not wearing my Mr Block shape/skin in these photos.

shirtWhilst I was there I slapped the MM board and since it has only a 5 slap limit I was pretty sure I’d get it and sure enough next day I logged in it was sent to me. Again a great use of colour and this pack includes the shirt, trousers and belt.

Mr Bloch


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Too Cute!

Urbane2Not a gratuitous cleavage shot just me admiring my new shoes.  Got send a pack of demos from Beetlebones and as soon as I tried on these I was off to buy them. Also check out the hair, this is the MINA hair from my previous post and just look at those colours! So Fruit Salad (old English sweetie).  Mina has a real understanding of colours and uses it to great effect.  Close up your hair is colourful but from a distance the colours blend beautifully.

ShoozeA cross between a Mary Jane shoe and a boot.  The main colour of the shoe doesn’t change but you get a hud to alter the size and also change the colour of the laces, eyelets and socks.  I seem to have shrunk them a tad too small so the socks have a slight “tear” in them fortunately the hud is easy to use so next time I wear them a simple 1% increase will solve that.  A whole rack of different colours available.

T ShirtA couple of simple  freebies on offer from Beetlebones.  This top is one of them.  It’s clear what it is just a simple mesh top but comes in a fat pack of colours and there is a sleeveless top pack as well.

A small shop which is a shame because I want MORE.  Some real nice clothes here and some fun and quirky stuff so make sure to check out the upstairs as well.

The “too Cute” in the title is the freakishly adorable pet otter you can buy and if you really wanted to push the boundaries you can even become an otter yourself.  A matching adorable Otter AV is available.  The otter and a small selection of hair come from Ohmai which is basically a small selection of Anya Ohmai’s collection which is for sale in Beetlebones.

I’ve just updated this to add the link for Mina Hair plus the link for the second hair which comes from Tram and is a free to join Group gift.  I’ve mentioned the second hair before and will keep on doing so because it’s just so cute and adorable and free and I still have it after all this time.


Mina (great hair)

Tram (free hair)

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Old Bag(s)

ParaPopped over to one of my favorite shops, Paradisis, to snag the Cold Winters Nights Hunt gift which I know is there and I came across all these lovely old shabby chic bags which are stuffed with Free Goodies. As you see there are so many I just didn’t have the time to unpack and try them on so you will have to settle for a picture of my Happy Dance and go check them out for yourself.

Antoinio pinstripeI went for the Freebie and got tempted by this great discount.  My Sweetheart is a bumper pack of this saucy bikini.  3 colours, red, black and bubblegum for 99Lds.  The wrists, neck and the bikini bottoms all have ruffles and sweet sculpted bows.  They have a room of discounted stuff, including The Student which is another of my constant goto tops to wear so make sure you pop in there.

BobI’m so impressed with this top.  My heart did sink a bit when I realised it came with sculpted arms and bottom and yet it’s SEAMLESS! I wish more items that had sculpted bits to them were as flawless as this but you can also wear this top without the Sculpties if you want it works just as well but they are definitely add that extra touch to this knitted top and of course so does the sneaky nip flash.  Thats what Paradisis is good at, a bit of cheekyness. Lazy is it’s name and it’s only 95Lds.  A reasonable colour selection is available.

Para boobs

A Lola Tango Freebie, music to my ears.  This is so similar to my Paradisis Cold Comfort jumper worn in the first photo, which I am guilty of wearing so much so that if it was real I would have worn a hole in it.  A simple light knitted jumper but for boob but I must stress that this is equally as wearable for those who don’t wear Lola Tangos.    I did miss that little gap on the sleeve edge prim but it is mod so I know next time I wear it I can just give it a little tweak and it will be gone. A hint for this item because you might just miss it and since it’s not a hunt item I don’t think they will mind, it one of the shabby chic bags but on the coffee table next to the fire not with all the others on the shelves.

ParI’m on a RL diet so the only chocolate I’m allowed is this scrummy saucy undies set.  Brin De Foile is it’s name and 80Lds is it’s price and at that price you could treat yourself to a few of the 8 colour choices you have.  Comes with all the layer options inc most importantly the option to wear the bra without the lace insert so yet again you can be even saucier with both nips flashing. The one thing I’ve noticed about their lingerie and bikini section is that these are made to make small boobs look great.  “Gazungas” are fun and I am addicted to my Lolas but I also love my “flatties”.

TopI literally have just thrown out all those old and free wet tee shirts that we all seem to pick up in SL Land and then I found this.  A proper “wet look” and at 50Lds you could get each of the 7 colours on offer.  Comes in all layers.


OMG I got so carried away with my bargains I completely forgot about the Cold Winters night Hunt item so I had to quicky rezz inworld unpack it draw the curtains and a quick snap. This costs you only 10Lds and it’s another Lola Tango goodie.  Please remember though an item may have the Lola  Tango Applier in it but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great item for all.  So small or big this is completely wearable.  A knitted dress with pink accents and grey matching knitted stockings.  Shop quality and if this doesn’t get you shopping in Paradisis then nothing will.


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In the Pink (non mesh)

Got slightly way laid by the Suicide Awareness hunt and I will keep on posting, but until then check out these beauties.

Happy Birthday to Pink Outfitters and a Woo Hoo for us.  I have a confession, I didn’t buy these outfits just for the Blogg I’ve had them for years and because their colouring and texturing and styling have lasted,  I’m really happy to be able to not only show them off, but tell you  that they and much more are all priced at 50Lds! This is the Builders Jump suit which is a high-waisted pair of pants with straps going over the shoulder.  They come with sculpted trouser bottoms which, although I’m not wearing them because of my long boots, are so WEARABLE and not the yukkie ham leg shape beloved by designers hated by buyers.  A lovely rich chocolate colour, button and buckle details and just so simple, retro and easy wear.

My party dress, The Dreamer,  and yes its non mesh.  As you can imagine after being in SL for quite a few years, I have had many an outfit I have loved and then binned because it has become outdated.  The quality of new items may have made it appear old.  So to still have a dress in my invent means it must be good.  This is a satin dress with vibrant coloured dots, a mesh neck detail (a scarf which I’m not wearing) and a sculpted skirt. The colours are bright and cheerful and chances are in a couple of years I will still have this in my invent as I’ve not seen better.

I have a confession because I am pretty sure I’ve blogged this shrug before but I don’t care.  It’s called Isobel and I love it.  Finishes off so many outfits and because I’m pretty rude sometimes I wear it on its own without a shirt and let a boobie peek out.  Goes with trousers, skirts, t-shirts, on its own (if you dare).   The 2 other outfits are on the walls this however is on the racks upstairs.  It was one of those purchases that I took a risk at buying because on the rail it didn’t look as good as it did when worn.
Mkes it sound like Pink doesn’t change it’s stock but  it does ! Luckily they realise that some items are worth keeping because they can’t be bettered..unless like in this case they have a sale and everything is 50Lds.

Pink Outfitters

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Biker Chic

From the tight leather trousers to the baggy American Flag (Mesh) top this screams cooool to me.  It also screams bargain because those two outfits are group gifts and they also have a number of other gifts on offer but this is an outfit that I will be keeping in my invent.

Hair was a Giftie off my boss. I got it from Elikatira.  I decided to go a bit more diff from my normal style and picked up a multipack of basic hair colours ie 1 black, 1 browm, 1 blonde etc instead of the usual 5 different shades of the same colour.  280lds for this pack but a normal 220-250 for the others.

Pirate Arts


Now scroll down to my other post  for some excellent boots that finished off this look.