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Sweater Girl (ohh and jeans & tee’s too!)

Oh blimey..the dust hasn’t settled on my excitement for the fall collection from coldLogic yet,  and we have a big package of snuggly stuffs to see ! Sweaters, long-sleeved tee’s anddddd *drum roll* puhlease…JEANS ! Yippeeeee. I’ve been wearing my Jane” sweet n low” jeans to death lately…so I was sooper chuffed that coldLogic released a few denim pieces…Im wearing the calle jeans in shade 01..thats the lightest tone of the six also get two cuff styles in each which is absolutely brill…My shirt is called cook, I chose pink to share with you, because ..well…its pink *grins*…totally adore this cardi & shirt combo..all one piece…and sits so perfectly  on me…casual and cute with its dainty pattern on the shirt..

I slipped on a darker pair of the calle jeans (06- the darkest shade) this time along with the new barden tee in orange..great colour for Fall…its a double – look layer effect I really adore..barden has the stripey over shirt..there is an option with a plain style too…(rhodes & randy)

I so so SO love the jansen sweater, comes in four shades that are all just right for this season..I plumped for latte and teamed it up with the new stunning kime trousers in cocoa…The sweater has an elegance about it that makes it versatile enough to dress up..but is also good to go with jeans etc..theres also a choice of hip widths for those of us blessed with a cuddlier shape hooray!

Farrell is a sooper snuggly sweater…it comes with a dark shirt, rolled back cuffs underneath the striped wooly…four shades in this, I was really taken with the vibrant blue !

If sweaters are your thang..check out “swansen” here it is in rouge…striking and bold..worn with the new  cuoco jeans in the 05 tone…one of the darker shades (six shades in total) Big blocks of colour over the sweater make it a real head turner…and such a cheery colour …

perdue is simply MINE…I love the new addition of soft greys and smokey greys & washed out coal in this range.  Worn over the new kime pants…it just so feminine and playful…I think that’s what I enjoy the most about all of this new collection…its FUN..sloppy joes galore..and add in some awesome jeans & trousers..dash of casual tee’s….its all good to go…

One last shirt before I wrap this up..,effortlessly chic is the stein tee…self striped…that hazy granite grey…off white cuffs and insert detail around the neckline…really nicely shaped around the hips to fit over your jeans…I ❤ it big time ! Three other shades (watch out for the mist tone its delectabubble).

Head over and snap up a few demos…great value fat packs available in all the above or single pringles..betcha dont leave empty-handed ! Thanks coldLogic team ❤

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