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Pregnant Pause

Here I am again…looking around for something a little more inspiring than the flexi-tent clothing I’ve worn during past pregnancies in SL…and hubbidy hubba…Ive got some great news ! I mooched the market place and came across a mesh store called Geometry. I have reviewed them before, but didn’t realise they now did a maternity range , hurrah! Seems the maternity range  is only on the market place currently, as I couldn’t find it in the inworld store. Above I’m wearing a maternity dress called “Sara”…doesnt really look like a maternity item..does it? I added a stole on top (as its Winter), its such an easy piece to glam up !

The really brill thing about this range is…they come in variations for the trimesters of pregnancy – check out the photo above..Im showing you the sizes from trimester one through to three. No need to buy a pregnancy shape..these nifty clothes do it all for you, sooper cool! The fit is really perfect…medium was good for me but you get other choices in the box.

Couldnt resist another purchase from Geometry, same gig as the dress, you get sizes for all three trimesters…Im wearing trimester two here..quite some tummy ! There is a really lovely range of colours in this handy dandy top…slip them on with trousers…leggings, jeans whatever…reasonably priced too so you can afford to ring the changes and snap up a few.

Finally , I found this dress from Baby Station, called “Autumn Leaves”, the tones are just stunning. The dress comes in a one-size-fits-all kinda thing (but you still get the usual choice of mesh sizes)…so your belly is instantly big ! Beautiful deep slashed back…I really liked that. Best part is, its only 20L currently…a real deal.

Geometry (market place for maternity)

Baby Station market place