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Even Odds


I have some news to share with you from even.flow, they have a stand at the Hollywood event…and Ive got a new release to show off from there. This is the Lucy dress in the olive tone..inspired by the “I love Lucy” show…beautiful lace texture on the bodice top and three layers of spotty ruffles…cinched in the middle with a thin belt. There are heaps of colour choices in this little number, go take a look, if memory serves me correctly it’s only 100L. Dont forget to collect your goodie bag while you’re there, its got some brilliant colour block pumps in it ! I’m also wearing the goodie bag item from Tres Beau…such a gorgeous necklace that sits perfectly with the dresses neckline.

even.flow Raven dress T7UH Hunt WoW Skins NEW! Viola Chop Zuey Paparazzi gift set HollyWood event FREE ZED Mesh sunglasses FREE

even.flow are also participating in the T7 Unknown Hunt yay! Their gift is this rather marvelous Raven dress, bustier styled top and a short flared skirt…with a sooper lovely tree print in grey…verrrrry of the moment. Shoes are a gift at the Hollywood event from Eclectica..for some reason they came up a LOT more pinkish that they actually are in this photo…they are more reddish in reality, promise! Sunnies are a gift from ZED at the same event…as is my jewelry from Chop Zuey…this set is vast and is called paparazzi…very glitzy.


Hollywood event

T7UH Hunt blog

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Womanstuff Jumble

I got my hunting goggles on after Swaffette Firely reminded me about The Womanstuff Hunt ! I had totally forgotten it had begun..doh. Anyyyywayy SF Design is in it and I have to say the outfit is a stunner. You get a whole outfit, “Diane” comprises of a fabtastic pair of grey pants, and blouse. The pants are superb..kinda made me think that if these can be made without mesh…and look this awesome..whats the point of mesh? Apparently these are going to be released into the store in March in squillions of colours- hohum…ages to wait but worth it ! The blouse is scrummy..great cuffs and a sweeeeet peplum waist with belt..

Onto another complete outfit, this time from Tres Beau “stroll”, its pretty glam but definitely snuggly for a long walk on a winters day. Adore the giraffe print on the leggings & scarf, the jacket  fits really nicely and looks like it would keep out the wind chill here at the moment ! I’m also wearing a skin thats set out as a gift in the Womanstuff HQ, from envy me and its pretty deelish. Beauty spot over the lip and luscious pink lips..which reminds me..

Head over to the hunt HQ and collect an armful of pressies laid out for you! Not only is the hunt amaaaazing but..if like moi you really aren’t good at hunting..they have giftsss for you to collect. You do need to join the group but it’s no fee …above I cobbled together a lil look from a few items I found there. Classic grey pants from Winterwood (they come with a sweater also) A white cardi from Cynful, you also receive it in black…and a skin from LaVie…quite the find huh? I didn’t have time to look at them all so go look!

Heres the info:

Diane outfit: SF Design

Stroll outfit: Tres Beau

Gifts location: Womanstuff Hunt HQ

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Gorgeous in green

Another find in the “where is the concert hunt”, this time from Tres Beau…a truly stunning opera gown…Im not hugely into green, but this is just breath-taking. It’s a glossy emerald…with a show stopping cut..and shawl style top. For the bodice is a magnificent crystals & gold corsage…utterly devine. Photo was taken at the Venice sim, which despite being a little laggy was ever sooo lovely to wander about..Player and I hung out after taking some photos to have icecreams yumm !

Gown: Tres Beau

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I always get excited when a new store opens…so when I heard about [Echo] I dashed right over to scope the goodies. I wasnt dissapointed…fab collection of reasonably priced gear..super colour palettes run throughout so mixing & matching is a breeze…I snaffled up the Forte sweater.(55L)….such a versatile little item and added a pair of Tres Beau cord shorts that I collected from the VIP room earlier for just 20L !

The De Capo sweater was another instant purchase, lotsa colour choices and it even comes with the necklace, only 50L, quite the deal! Another bargain from Tres Beau’s VIP room was this darling little cord skirt priced at 20L , would look great with some winter wooly tights and boots right?

Of courrrse I found something PINK to delight…this classy Tshirt “Fugue”, sooper bow detail at the back..a real winner for my wardrobe…priced at only 30L *gasp*…sooo many colours in this you might wanna get a few..

Of course there was a gift *squeeee* but seriously, I was so bowled over by the stuffage & prices I found, I almost forgot to collect it..which wouldve been a shame because I ❤ it sooo much! Sweet as candy blouse, great teal shade…pretty ruffly bit…whats not to like huh?

I’m gonna add a little bit about Tres Beau here also…my friend Carmella Ruby  told me that their gift for the DIMH (diamond is mine hunt) was fantastic…so of course I HAD to head over and grab it up..and she was right it IS delish…Ruby came on over to show me something else shed found, which is a VIP group members room. Now neither of us could find a sign or teleport for this..and you can’t landmark it..sooo we had to sneakily cam in and sit on a couch inside – naughty!…once in, the room is choc-a-block with discounted pretties…as I showed above the cord skirt & shorts…but theres tonnnns more ! Gowns, complete outfits..I was trying to be really really good and not splurge ! Soooo if you need to find this little nook of goodness, enter the main store doors directly infront of you as you land…and follow around to your right..alllll the way through the store…rightttt to the very back…then peek through the wall using your camera controls..and sit on the couch to get in- I’m pretty sure there is a much easier way to do this…but heyho…FUN! oh so yeah..the DIMH gift! it’s seriously yum…all dark brown checks and a fabbo shawl type cardi/wrap…the glasses are a new group gift from Lepoppycock…youll find them at the entrance of the store right by the group joiner board…shooz are the K a w a i i H u n t item from tea time…awww lully!

[Echo] items : [Echo]

DIMH outfit & vip discounted items: Tres Beau

Glasses: LePoppycock

Shooz K a w a i i H u n t : Tea Time

K a w a i i H u n t: web site with info

DIMH: web site with info




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The Men Stuff Keeps Coming

Fore! There are still many amazing gifts yet to be found (for myself at least) in the MENstuff Hunt so I’ve been out and picked up a bunch more.

First up is this neat outfit from Tres Beau. Fittingly enough, it’s called ‘Golf’ and you can see why. Featuring a gorgeous white sweater, checked pants, visor and sunglasses, this is definitely an outfit that will have you looking cool on the links. The trousers come in two different lengths: full length and the shorter ones I’m wearing above and both come with sculpted cuffs. The sweater also comes with two different sleeve lengths and the shorter version has sweet looking rolled up cuff attachments as well.

Above is the ‘Thief in the Night’ outfit from Geezer Garments. Blend into the shadows wearing this leather jacket, jeans and beanie. You also get a cigarette in the gift as well as a hoodie for your jacket and all the attachments fit perfectly. I’m liking the texture on this jacket a lot. Steal away with this one.

Oh yes, another complete outfit. This time it’s the Urban Cowboy from [hate this]. Comes with an awesome maroon t-shirt with prim sleeves and a shirt bottom that looks fantastic. The jeans have a great denim texture to them and come in either boot cut or regular with cuff attachments.

What Urban Cowboy would be complete without a pair of boots? These come with the outfit and are absolutely gorgeous. Great stitching and texturing on these and you can also change the colours. The finish off this look wonderfully well.

WatAnabe is offering this fabulous blue floral polo shirt for its gift. I love the design on this, it reminds me of a Hawaiian shirt and you know how much I like those! This top comes on multiple layers and it also features a well-fitting black prim collar.

Fly the flag in the Americano tanktop from Boye. This top boldly shows the stars and stripes and comes on all top layers with a sculpted hem part that looks wicked.

Another tank! This time from [arnadi]. Cool and camouflaged this top gives you multiple layer options but the best part of this is the two different types of sculpted tank bottoms. The one I’m wearing above is kind of twisted and flared out while the other hangs straight down, each giving the tank a different look.

Yet another wicked haul of gear from the MENstuff Hunt and I think my prediction of this being the best hunt I’ve been in is panning out, I’m absolutely loving the quality of the items and I’m finding a bunch of new stores to visit regularly.

Get the gear here:
Picture #1: Tres Beau (hint: Freebies, Freebies, Everywhere)
Picture #2: Geezer Garments (hint: It’s not upstairs nor downstairs really.)
Picture #3 & 4: [hate this] (hint: It’s dark and dusty behind this…)
Picture #5: watAnabe (hint: No need to pull the shirt out of the Cap… it’s just outside)
Picture #6: Boye (hint: Praise Lesus)
Picture #7: [arnadi] (hint: Men talk of killing time, while time quietly kills them.)


Then There Were Nine

Oh dear, only nine days to go until the MENstuff hunt comes to a close. I’ve been running around trying to get to as many places as possible before the end and I’ve managed to grab another batch of items to show you all today.

First up is this outfit from Tres Beau Designs, called ‘Checkmate’ in brown. It’s a versatile outfit as you can choose to wear either both tops as I am above or just the darker brown ‘under’ sweater and the attachments are included for both. The checks in different shades of brown are a nice and different touch as well.

Duh! always have great shoes and their addition to the MENstuff hunt is no different with this lovely pair of tasseled loafers. Beautifully designed (especially the tassels themselves) and easy to fit with their script, they are some wicked looking footwear.

Next on my list is this shirt from Pig. A new store to me but one definitely worth going back to judging by this shirt. It’s called the Southwest Corner in faded blue. It’s got a very casual look to it with top and bottom buttons undone and little skin-showing gaps. That’s usually not something I look for in a shirt but I liked the look of this one on me very much.

Last but not least for today is this pair of boots from Deco. Again that’s another store I hadn’t been to before and reinforces my opinion that this is what makes hunts so worthwhile. These are called the *Newsprint* Test Boots and while it’s a little hard to see in my picture, there is indeed newsprint on these boots. I don’t wear longer boots that often and looking at these, I wonder why because I absolutely love these ones.

All four of these items are definitely ones you should grab if you haven’t yet. I’ll be showing you some more of the gifts as I pick them up before the hunt comes to an end.

Get the gear here:
Picture #1: Complete Outfit – Tres Beau Designs (Hint: Shed a little light on the subject)

Picture #2: Loafers – Duh! (Hint: Behind the pink door (men’s section))

Picture #3: Shirt – Pig (Hint: Hampuddle)

Picture #4: Boots – DECO (Hint: These boots were made for walkin)