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This Coat

Finally found THE coat! Ive been searching and searching for something to catch my eye et voila – here it is.  Classic trench-coat with a twist. Gawd I am really SO pleased. I went back to Pixel Box (see my last post) as it seemed such an interesting kinda store. Goth / retro/Victorian/modern all sorts really. Then I spotted this…*happy sigh*, it is unbelievably only $50L , seriously ! Boat load of fits in the box, I’m wearing a Maitreya body and its perfect.

The Hud is interesting, lots of options for colours and styles. Four types of buttons, eight colours to play with between the four styles. Plus you can tint to get a really personal look.

Just to show you another style from the Hud – a two-tone version – love it ! The store is quite large and two floors, youll find lots to see.

Pixel Box



Galiant is a mixture of two words; Valiant (Possessing Courage and Determination), and Gallant (Grand, Fine).

That’s part of the urban dictionary definition. I’d never heard of the word before today when I picked up SF Design’s new May gift which may just be the best long coat I’ve ever laid my hands on. We’re seriously very lucky to be able to get this for free. The long jacket prim attaches perfectly to the body and flows down close to the ground in a wave of black leather and it also comes in two different fits (each one comes with a resizer and one without).  The cuffs are buckled and beautiful and Galiant also comes with the collar and lapel as well as shoulder ‘armour’ which are a snakeskin (or dragon skin if you’re in a roleplaying mood) material. The cuffs, collar and shoulders also come with scripted and non scripted versions for your fitting ease, though they fit me perfectly right off the bat.

You can’t pass up the opportunity to pick up this amazing coat, it’s free and it is gorgeous, you’ll absolutely love it.

Oh and it just wouldn’t be Monday if I didn’t show you SF Design’s Monday Mania item: the ‘Ramses Sandals’ pictured below (I know Faith already showed these but I felt compelled to show the guys). No need to wear any shoe shapers with these stand out sandals which are delightfully detailed. You get a HUD with these that come with 15 different preset colours to match your skin though you further tint the skin with the colour picker. L$25 as always and is a steal for sensational summery sandals such as these. To get them for this price, all you need do is pick them up from the Monday Mania board just inside the SF Design Men’s casual section.

Get the gear here: SF Design

Hair by MADesigns @ Culture Shock | Hairbase by AITUI | Skin by Sacred | Turtleneck by Mr Poet (part of an outfit) | Poses by aDORKable & MADesigns