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Little bit naughty

Strippable trench coat $49L

I was looking at the Pure Poison market place store – and all their gear seems to be discounted. from around $5L – $50L. Lots of boots, shoes, dresses and outfits to be had very cheaply. I plumped for this trench coat @ $49L. Perfectly respectable look to naughty kitten in under two clicks of a button! It has a script in the belt section that allows you to strip, slightly open, fully open , you can also add people to the allowed to strip you list or even entire groups of people.

Strippable trench coat Hud

You also get a Hud with it, giving you SO much flexibility. My leg bracer is also from the store and only $9L complete with a Hud that gives heaps of colours for each part – rigged mesh, resizable also.

Pure Poison Market Place Store

Lingerie by Glitzz

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Limited PROMO – Complete Outfit

Fantastico promotion to get you started today from ArisAris. You get the whole outfit, dress, trench coat and boots for $99L or $89L if you’re a group member.

Here is the Hud that comes with it – loads of choice and of course you can wear each piece with others you already own – really will wear the boots and coat a lot this winter.

Deets: Sizes Dress, Trench Coat and Boots:

  • 1 For Belleza Freya –
  • 1 For Belleza Isis –
  • 1 For Maitreya – Lara
  • 1 For Slink – Physique
  • 1 For Slink – Hourglass
  • 1 For M.B. LEGACY
  • This is an inworld store offer ONLY !
  • ArisAris
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This Coat

Finally found THE coat! Ive been searching and searching for something to catch my eye et voila – here it is.  Classic trench-coat with a twist. Gawd I am really SO pleased. I went back to Pixel Box (see my last post) as it seemed such an interesting kinda store. Goth / retro/Victorian/modern all sorts really. Then I spotted this…*happy sigh*, it is unbelievably only $50L , seriously ! Boat load of fits in the box, I’m wearing a Maitreya body and its perfect.

The Hud is interesting, lots of options for colours and styles. Four types of buttons, eight colours to play with between the four styles. Plus you can tint to get a really personal look.

Just to show you another style from the Hud – a two-tone version – love it ! The store is quite large and two floors, youll find lots to see.

Pixel Box

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Button Up. (Mens Freebies).

Not sure whether to be mad or happy,  I had just bought  a shirt because I really liked it and it cost me 200Lds and then not only did I find this almost straight after but it’s FREE!  The icing on the cake is the fact you get a hud with it which I thought would change the colour of the buttons but it actually changes the whole colour and you have a massive choice of 15 colours and some textures.

XiaThankfully I resisted the 400Ld coat because look at this one and again FREE.

Xia2Even the coat comes with 6 colour choices but also a hud to change the colour of the shirt underneath (8 colours for that). Look at the detail of the straps on the cuffs you have the same details on the belt, buttons and pockets.  One of the newer style jackets in that the belt is tied tight.

You do have to join Superjaix Residents group Xiaj to grab them but not only is it free to join but you don’t even have to visit his shop (it would be such a shame if you didn’t though).  So join and then check out the group notices and you will see both of these items and a fun item of a Christmas ornament….I’ll leave the surprise for you.


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The coat of your dreams?

voxxi NEW! Donna mesh coat

When I first tried this new coat on from voxxi, I was SO surprised ! I had been looking about for a Winter coat for a while, but so far had only found jackets or three-quarter length styles. What I dreamt of was a long coat, a smart coat, something stylish and warm…ta dah ! This is “Donna” and it’s simply fantastical.  Beautiful array of colours are available, anything from the red which took my fancy, to a traditional camel, plus green and greys and heaps more! The small size fitted me perfectly, I used an old style t-shirt layer to fill the tummy gap and voila..I was ready to roll. Go grab a demo , try it on and feel like a million bucks, it wont cost you that, unbelievably just 100L ! Thanks Junetta ❤

voxxi market place store

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Drifting along

Love finding a new store to mooch…”drift”..pretty store, full of pretty things…I came across them purely by chance at the Gypset Market – a monthly affair with oodles of designers showing off items priced no more than 99L…saw this plaid trench coat and just had to buy it. (Pro-tip..dont be discouraged if at events such as these you see no demo….I slipped over to the drift main store, and sure enough found a demo there, so I could be sure it fitted my shape properly before buying.) The coat cost me only 99L at the Gypset event…quite a saving compared to the full price…theres heaps more to see, from makeup to gents suits…go take a peek.

drift main store

Gypset Market

pssssst….the designer tells me this cycle of Gypset Market is almost over…so if youre wanting this version of the coat DASH!