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Return Visit Freebies !

I don’t usually return to a store that I’ve recently featured BUT I had a notice out about a Valentines tree that had been put out as a group gift by Lunaria. This is the tree and very pretty it is too. It was a lot bigger out of the box but I resized it to fit my little courtyard. 3Li or if you make it smaller, 2Li. Dead pretty with hanging lights and red leaves – looks a treat in my garden. Andddd once again I was lured by the lucky boards which happen to be right next to the tree ! I won a little dress that I hadnt seen on my last trip – so yay! Group is free to join.


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Modern Art?(Freebie).

Doesn’t this look like a lovely piece of art which I guess everything in SL really is.

Zoom out and of course, it’s a tree.

A fantastic heads up from a friend, gonna now call our “followers” friends because that’s what you’ve become.  Anyhow it was perfect timing because today has been a sh*te day and it was time something nice happened and this was it.  A lovely freebie from “Little Branch” which I think most people who have a home in SL will know that shop well.  This is a big tree and 12 prims but it’s a plot stuffer and as you can see from the pictures it’s thick and lush what you can’t see is that this is a moving tree so it is gently swaying in the breeze, so unlike the trees outside my house at the moment as we are taking a little bit of battering at the mo.

Kiylee also told me about an event called “Blueprint Home and Garden Event” which is where I left my AV stood because as soon as I click publish I’m going to spend some leisurely time wandering around there.

PS.  My “sh*te day is not the worst but I can still grumble and mumble about it but I hope EVERYONE out there is doing OK! as in the UK we’re having a bit of a battering with the wind and of course in some parts of the world they’re suffering very badly from extreme weather so my “problems” are pretty minor.

PPS I promise my next post will be clothing! I know that a lot of people don’t have homes in SL so I will make sure to find some wearable cuties for my next post.

Little Branch & Across the brige The Blueprint Home and Garden Event

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No copying!(Freebie & Bargain).

If I’m correct I think about 80% of the grass we have out on our sim is from SR(Sweet Revolutions) but if I’m wrong the one thing I’m sure of is I own so many of the plants and trees from this shop I could cover our whole sim in just SR landscaping if I wanted to.

I went over there because SR is part of a Hunt but I also knew that I would end up buying something because you just can’t not.  I didn’t actually even start looking for the Hunt prizes as the NEW November group gift was more than enough.

This stunning and massive tree is the freebie and is ONLY 3 prims! As always you have a small plot of land then this will fill it with hardly any impact on your prim allowance or if you have a bigger plot then rezz away.

Again since our sim is still gloriously Autumnal, and yes I checked and so much of the grass is SR grass, I just rezzed a handy snowy platform and took a picture in our sim setting.

But of course, I did end up buying something but at 30Lds honestly cheap as chips.

This is another large 3 prim tree.  If you’re wondering what that spikey thing is one of the dead roots of this tree which like the tree in the top picture there is as much going on at the base of these tree’s as there is on the top.  I’m not sure if I will keep the bases of the tree’s as they are and I do know they’re editable but the editing will be limited.  I could and probably simply lower the tree’s so the bases are buried under the sim.

Just look at that texturing.  Those almost frond-like branches will make a great contrast against a snowy backdrop.

Both the Group Gift and this 30Ld offer are non-copy so you only get the 1 to play with, nothing to stop you from grabbing a few copies of the GG though but tbh the full priced packs of landscaping plants, rocks etc are pretty reasonably priced in any case and some come with things like season changing menu’s etc.

There is much more there than just landscaping as this is a shop which is aimed at the Gor/RP/etc and the whole sim is decorated in a dark and mysterious way for you to wander around.


Sweet Revolutions 

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Down on the farm

Chez Moi - Northmont Farm

A new round of Tres Chic has kicked off and if you mosey on down there you will find this superb set from Chez Moi. The theme for this round is “Lets fall into Fall” and this collection of pieces is really purrrfect. Above is the Pasture wagon which has 94 animations (single and couple) , I adore the singleton poses – cute, sassy and dreamy all rolled into one. Behind me you can also see some of the “Fence & horses” set, the horses are so realistic and it contains 70 animations (single and couple).

Chez Moi NEW!!

There is also the “Romantic hay pile” which contains 95 animations (single and couple) & Several wearable props to complete the fun. I really like that the items from Chez Moi do cater really well for singlepringles as well as couples. What you might miss in my photo is the tree foliage has some sweet twinkly lights in it, beautiful and so atmospheric.

Chez Moi NEW!

Little things make my day, a spade leant up against the fence, the dainty grass with white flowers and a scattering of Autumnal leaves around the hay bales. Thank you Nanda ❤

Chez Moi at Tres Chic

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Fingers crossed.

Santa useA few years ago and well before mesh I remember admiring a Santa in his sleigh but OMG the prims made your eyes water so I never got my Santa or even a Reindeer but how things have changed.  Laurent83 Waco (Follow Us) hasn’t failed me and now he has his Christmas stock out, a room packed with decorated fireplaces, tables groaning under festive fair, tree’s old and traditional, trays of scumminess and prices so reasonable that even if you have a small home or a small budget you can find something to bring some festive cheer into your home.

I couldn’t decide what I wanted because I just have so much but then I spotted my dreamed of Santa and his sleigh and I bought it straight away.   Even though you get all those reindeer and a big fat Santa and a load of pressies in the sleigh this still all comes to just 10 prims!  This is even Copy so I was tempted to land one on Faiths home and then one on mine  but in the end decided just the one flying in the middle of our sim was perfect. Looks just as good on land as well.

Had a quick peek and it looks as though a lot if not all of his Christmas items are also on the Marketplace so time for some armchair shopping.

Follow Us

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Decor finds

Found some sooper cute decor items today…above are two versions of a thermos flask from [monaya G] , there’s a retro one and a cutey-patooty one..both have 3 different textures…just click them to see…at 1L each…a lovely summer-time treat to decorate with..

Also found this gorjuss tree by bananaN….very atmospheric…lovely shadow…and teeny lightbulbs hanging form one branch….just 6 prims…a real scene stealer…and totally free!


[monaya G]

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We’re on the Fence

Sitting out in the fresh air, under the cool shade of a huge tree, snuggled up and watching the world go by. Doesn’t that sound like a good way to spend a Sunday? I think so and Faith agreed with me so we shared this new group gift from .:Karma:., the Lover’s Fence and snapped a pic to show you all (well, Faith snapped the pic, I just sat and watched). I told you last month that you can get awesome group gifts from .:Karma:. and she has proved me right this month with this. Beautifully made, the fence has some lovely couple-y poses in it for your enjoyment, they really are so nice. The tree and sign you see in the background are also part of the gift, but are separate from the fence just in case you’re light on prims. As you can see how brilliant this group gift is, I don’t think I need to recommend that you guys join the group again do I?

By the way, the shorts you see me wearing in this picture are a cool new release from SF Design, the camouflage shorts with belt. I’ve got the brown colour on here but you can also get these in blue. I love the camo design and the texture on these, they look fantastic. They also come with what is still my favourite belt – the canvas belt with less hips. Just one of 4 versions of the belt you’ll find inside, so if you’re like me and you struggle to find a belt that fits right, you won’t anymore with the belt that come with these super shorts.

Thanks for the great pic Faith!

Get the gear here:

Lover’s Fence: .:Karma:.
Camouflage Shorts with belt: SF Design