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Awash with colour

coldLogic skirty petty candy - top layne candy NEW!

I’m sat here in my real life office, listening to rain storm thundering down on the roof, wishing with all my heart I had the sort of weather that would allow me to be wearing the latest releases from coldLogic. Blah ! I expect too much for an English gal right?! Thank goodness for Second Life’s sun, I can mooch about wearing whatever I desire at any time of day. Here I am wandering a great expanse of beach in one of the new skirts and shirts, the skirt is “petty” and the top is called “layne”. I choose to wear the “candy” colour in the shirt, it’s a really sweet delicate tone. I don’t know if you can notice but I’ve been using the settings that enable materials to be visible in my last few posts, it’s a subtle difference but it does allow the fabric of each piece to shine through. I automatically got all grabby hands when I saw these two pieces – they seem to be timeless and classic, gentle and feminine. Both items will be so very easy to work in with your existing wardrobe.

coldLogic shirt vayne - shorts davar NEW!

On to the new “davar” shorts, you’re in for a treat when you take a peek at the colour range for these babies ! Two tone and pretty juicy. As I helpfully have not shown here (durrr) Essentially one colour at the front, another at the back. Brill fit and sweet turn ups on the cuff. I teamed it up with one of the “vayne” tops. These little shirts are dead easy to wear with almost anyyyything.

coldLogic dell shirt buff - petty skirt nude NEW!

Last up for today is the halter neck charms of “dell” in a gorgeous buff tone, worn with the “petty” skirt in the nude colour. I simply adore the dell top, close-fitting, with stitched in panels at the side. Theres something for everyone in this release, juicy colours right down the line to soft neutrals if you’re a bright colour scardey cat like moi.  Btw my hair in this photo is by tram, its available right now at the Collabor88 event – haven’t bought anything from tram for a while but this stopped me in my tracks and KERCHING! Thanks Janie, Damien & Zyrra ❤

coldLogic store

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Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Tram (Freebies)


So little time in SL today and yet I’ve scored so well not only have I managed to grab the NEW Tram group gift but also this cute little skirt and jumper from……OMG hold the post.  I went back to the shop I picked up this cute outfit from and scored so many freebies, hunt items and some Dollarbies so many things that I’m going to keep the shop and the LM a secret for the moment but I promise that tomorrow I will click away and take as many pictures as possible and my next post will have them and the LM you will need to grab the cute outfit but also a load of freeness.


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Lucky Zan

Our intrepid friend Zan has been out and about again and found some more pretties for you ladies. I’ll step out of the way now and let her tell you all about them.

Banilacoco was a new place to me. In fact I was in the shop next door but I panned and scanned and found a yummy bank of Lucky Boards. If you can’t be bothered to wait there is a couple of group gifts that you can score. You do have to join the group for the LBs, but it’s free so then you can click away.  I managed to grab three skins in the space of minutes. Well impressed with them all. Love this one for the touch of lip gloss that make the lips all pouty and shiny. Nice touch that one eye shadow is purple and the other green but the make up is still understated and pretty.

The hair is a freebie from Tram ! A mix of a few pieces of furniture, accessories, clothes and hair etc. I know I’ve made it sound so uninteresting however, once you see it, the quality shines through. If it wasn’t for the fact that I only had enough Lindens left to buy the cutest short hairdo I have ever seen I would have snapped up some of those outfits straight away. Might just treat myself to some at the end of the month. But happily they also have some group gifts out.  At the entrance is some bags of poses and a pair of sweetie heeled flatties in black and pink and upstairs are two free hairdos.  The hair has a resizer script in it so just click on the hair and select this prim or all prims and increase till the fit is good.  Takes seconds and works a treat.

Last but not least are the shoes! I love N-Core shoes.  Since they opened they have consistently provided good-fitting, sexy heeled shoes and I have never been disappointed with shoes bought from there so to come across a pair for L$50 made my SL day.  What has made it even better is that although the basic purple  colour cannot be changed you can wear the HUD and turn on or off the sheen, invisi-prim and sound.  A keeper for me.  This is a small underground bunker with some lovely bargains from other well-known designers. 

Get them here:
Hair: Tram
Skin: Banilacoco
Shoes: N-Core


Slow kitchen goes dotty

Slow Kitchen Group gift & tram doctors bag

Yus I know..I’m blonde and here Iam wearing.hmm…well auburn hair I think you’d say…maybe more copper? Anyyywayyy its a gift from “tram” and I ❤ it sooo much! Im really into shorter hair styles recently..more neck shown off to kiss perhaps …*wrigggles at the thought*…The rather lucious dress is from Slow Kitchen, a real fav haunt of mine..”the fancy swing dot dress* is the current group gift, it is verrrry swirly and girly..and umm dotty of course! The tiny bag Im clutching is also from tram, beautifully made, lots of tiny details and free also!

Go get dotty : Slow Kitchen     tram