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Neve Gets You Going

Lots of new treats @ Uber from Neve ! This is the Hardy jacket with attached top (you can also remove it via the Hud) and the Felicia shorts.

Tons of scrummy colour packs & patterns to choose from, pastels to hearts and in betweenies. Of course you can play with the t shirt colours via the Hud and mix / match. Perfect for the gym, lounging or trotting about in.

I was super in love with the little heart design, specially as we are heading into the season of lurve. Plenty to choose from, demo’s are free – at sale now in the latest round of Uber. Mesh body fits only. Thanks Neve team ❤ Shout out for my new hair-do, from Tram at Uber also $350 per colour pack – gorjus! All poses and props by Fashiowl.


Fashiowl market place


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S@bbia or rather Jury Gothly who is the owner of S@bbia has done it again with a brill Christmas/Winter outfit.

Jumper, skirt and boots are in this gift and what’s even better than a full outfit but an outfit that can also be worn as separates.  The skirt alone is a lovely winter/autumn shade but as you can see what a great look.

I’m wearing the freebie scarf I picked up from Tram, and I will put the link to that shop IF it’s still out as a freebie and if not then I will put the link to amiable who have an equally as lovely scarf because even though the outfit is fab I think adding the scarf really just finished off the neckline.


Tram (Yes, gift is still out and it’s on the back wall).

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Being naughty!(Freebies).

I try not to log in first thing in the morning as like most of us I have stuff to do but I logged off last night with the BEST SCARF EVER!  So good I’d have bought it if it wasn’t FREE.  So this morning, sod work I’ve just had to log in and do this post.

DISCLAIMER! This is not the same pose as my last picture! URGH! I have a “style” to my pictures which is usually just me stood in front of a pretty background, even though I have a shameful amount of poses I always seem to use the plainer ones but I guess in the end if they work for me then I have to go with what I feel shows the outfit, and me, off.

OK now for that scarf! OMG so good, I’ve been trying on so many free and paid for ones, mainly free of course, but they’ve just not worked for me and then I was visiting a shop I’ve not been in for a while called Tram and this is their FREE Group Gift.  Hold onto your knickers/underpants or thong as you get a brilliant 10 textured hud which has 5 lighter textures and 5 darker ones and a male/female size…go get it NOW, I’m ordering you to.  Not sure if this gift is in the shop or just the group notices so if you don’t see it in the shop check out the group.

If you’ve not been to Tram before then you’re in for a treat.  There used to be more clothes than hair but now there is more hair than clothes which is a slight shame as the clothes are unique, you won’t find them in any other shop.  The hair, not worn, is similar to the one I am wearing but I got this hair from “DP Yumyum).

This hair and the other one in the Yumyum shop have been group gifts for years but well worthy gifts.  I change my hair to suit the picture I’m taking but for my rambling around SL and most of my pictures I wear Mina 80% of the time, Argrace 10% and Yumyum the last 10%.  Between these shops you get a brilliant mixture of realism, cute, youthful, interesting, stylish and unique hairs.  The Yumyum range is much more young and cute styling.  So there is this and another GG just waiting for you if you’ve not already got them.


DP Yumyum(Double Paradox is the group name)

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Chicken dancing (Freeness n Discounts).

I have so many notes/notices to go through I decided to be more proactive and work my way through them so I took myself off to S@bbia and plonked myself in front of the LBs there and as I worked through my notes I won not only the pink jumper you see in the picture but also the boots which I’m not showing you as they didn’t go with the pink lol.  There are only 2 LB’s here but there is also a new Group Gift of a classic midi Tartan skirt which is perfect for these Autumn months.  There are other older GG’s there at S@bbie but I think most people who pop in regularly will already have them and they’re mainly non mesh but definitely worth a look at.  If you’re after some good basic pieces of furniture then check out my last 2 pictures.


The hair I’m wearing in this picture is a repost of a GG from Tram.  I think most people will have snagged this when they first put it out as its quirky and quality at the same time so to see that it was still out as a Freebie was a nice treat.  However if you have an old Tram LM you may want to use my link at the end as it’s on a new sim.


The reason I’m wearing a demo and not a paid for items is because there was something wrong with the boards and I couldn’t buy any of them!!!  Fortunately a quick note to the shop owner and she must have come over and kicked the boards because as soon as I logged in this morning they’re WORKING WOO HOO…the only problem now is which hair!  At 100Ld each they maybe bargain priced but I want at least 6 of them and I have Tier fee’s and cats to pay for!  So I just tried on a few more demos and then I’m going to go do something else and then return and make my final decision.

BTW Each item comes with its own delivery method and in the top piccie I’m doing a chicken dance with the GG on my head LOL.  There is Free Food to be had here as well, Nato Toast, you get a rezzable and wearable version.  I also treated myself to a Gacha and won a bowl of food.


I popped back to S@bbie to grab these Dollarbies, the desk, chair and table mirror all come as separates and cost only a single LD each and are only 1 prim each.  A few pieces of the decor items in S@bbie are actually for sale.  When I rezzed the mirror my profile image was on the mirror which is a lovely touch but it then vanished and then reappeared it doesn’t really matter image or no image it’s pretty nice.


This is the Freebie from Yum Yum, Nato Toast.

PS If you’re wondering I decided on the Plaited hair but I will definately be going back for more esp as you get a pretty good choice of colours in the pack.


Tram(Free Hair)

DP Yum Yum(Free Food, Discount)

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It maybe snowing outside but there are freebies inside.


This cute mousey little outfit comes from Olive and it’s a Free to join group gift.  As it happens there was a few more other free items to grab from there, a sofa, boots, rug etc and have a mooch around this shop because next to the fireplace is some non group but still free gifties. This outfit comes with a hud which although it’s a one piece outfit it allows you to change the top and skirt textures or keep them the same to make a dress.  There is also a system layer undershirt if you don’t want any cleavage showing.  It’s as simple as that.  OH the one thing I will suggest is that I put an Alpha on for a pair of shorts I have becase my leg just kept on popping through the skirt.  A small thing but I thought I would just mention it.

Sadly again my SL time was a bit limited,DAMN you RL interfering  with my SL!!!  (kidding really), but when I get back inworld I’m going to have a better mooch around this sim as it seems to be one that might have more hidden goodies for me to find.

If you love the hair then this Tram, Free to join Group Gift is still there waiting to be picked up. Just in the back of the shop on the small table next to the group joiner.


 Olive (Dress)

Tram (Hair)

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Awash with colour

coldLogic skirty petty candy - top layne candy NEW!

I’m sat here in my real life office, listening to rain storm thundering down on the roof, wishing with all my heart I had the sort of weather that would allow me to be wearing the latest releases from coldLogic. Blah ! I expect too much for an English gal right?! Thank goodness for Second Life’s sun, I can mooch about wearing whatever I desire at any time of day. Here I am wandering a great expanse of beach in one of the new skirts and shirts, the skirt is “petty” and the top is called “layne”. I choose to wear the “candy” colour in the shirt, it’s a really sweet delicate tone. I don’t know if you can notice but I’ve been using the settings that enable materials to be visible in my last few posts, it’s a subtle difference but it does allow the fabric of each piece to shine through. I automatically got all grabby hands when I saw these two pieces – they seem to be timeless and classic, gentle and feminine. Both items will be so very easy to work in with your existing wardrobe.

coldLogic shirt vayne - shorts davar NEW!

On to the new “davar” shorts, you’re in for a treat when you take a peek at the colour range for these babies ! Two tone and pretty juicy. As I helpfully have not shown here (durrr) Essentially one colour at the front, another at the back. Brill fit and sweet turn ups on the cuff. I teamed it up with one of the “vayne” tops. These little shirts are dead easy to wear with almost anyyyything.

coldLogic dell shirt buff - petty skirt nude NEW!

Last up for today is the halter neck charms of “dell” in a gorgeous buff tone, worn with the “petty” skirt in the nude colour. I simply adore the dell top, close-fitting, with stitched in panels at the side. Theres something for everyone in this release, juicy colours right down the line to soft neutrals if you’re a bright colour scardey cat like moi.  Btw my hair in this photo is by tram, its available right now at the Collabor88 event – haven’t bought anything from tram for a while but this stopped me in my tracks and KERCHING! Thanks Janie, Damien & Zyrra ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place store

coldLogic blog


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Tram (Freebies)


So little time in SL today and yet I’ve scored so well not only have I managed to grab the NEW Tram group gift but also this cute little skirt and jumper from……OMG hold the post.  I went back to the shop I picked up this cute outfit from and scored so many freebies, hunt items and some Dollarbies so many things that I’m going to keep the shop and the LM a secret for the moment but I promise that tomorrow I will click away and take as many pictures as possible and my next post will have them and the LM you will need to grab the cute outfit but also a load of freeness.