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Defeated (freebies n stuff).


I have a migraine, just a mild one and until the pain killers kick in I’m basically failing to get my act together and make a semi decent picture which is making my poor head even worse so you’re going to have to put up with this one of me jumping in frustration (as it happens I will be mentioning the pouffe soon).

Check out my previous post and you can see the sweet jumper and skirt which are group gifts from Moon Amore.  As always when visiting new shops I walk outside to check out if there is any other nice shops there and I’m so glad I did.  This is a small and well landscaped shopping area, small shops set in a garden, watery setting with lots of sitting areas to chat with friends or use for poses.  I’m so “off” today I couldn’t even take a picture of the scenery!  I know you can’t really see what it’s like in the picture that I’ve used but the dress I am wearing which is a simple spring patterned mesh dress is a Dollarbie from the shop next to Moon Amore.   I’m also wearing a really excellent camera, no poses in it, but you get different sizes, s/m/l etc and only 15Lds! I’ve given the LM for that shop as well even though all LMs are actually in the same location.  You can get the fat pack of all the cameras for only 50Lds.

Icing on the cake is there is also a Hunt going on.  So easy peasy because you’re looking for sunken chests and where do you find a sunken chest? in the water of course.  Easiest hunt ever and some real sweet prizes.  The “hunt board” LM takes you to the board where you can see exactly what you can win and there are some goodies and also a real nice mix, a skirt, cuddly octopus, owl bag, poses, tattoo’s etc so basically something for everyone.

Moon Amore

Pixicat (camera)

Hunt Board

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Fingers crossed.

Santa useA few years ago and well before mesh I remember admiring a Santa in his sleigh but OMG the prims made your eyes water so I never got my Santa or even a Reindeer but how things have changed.  Laurent83 Waco (Follow Us) hasn’t failed me and now he has his Christmas stock out, a room packed with decorated fireplaces, tables groaning under festive fair, tree’s old and traditional, trays of scumminess and prices so reasonable that even if you have a small home or a small budget you can find something to bring some festive cheer into your home.

I couldn’t decide what I wanted because I just have so much but then I spotted my dreamed of Santa and his sleigh and I bought it straight away.   Even though you get all those reindeer and a big fat Santa and a load of pressies in the sleigh this still all comes to just 10 prims!  This is even Copy so I was tempted to land one on Faiths home and then one on mine  but in the end decided just the one flying in the middle of our sim was perfect. Looks just as good on land as well.

Had a quick peek and it looks as though a lot if not all of his Christmas items are also on the Marketplace so time for some armchair shopping.

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Obedient Girl

ShadowMoon - Obedience - mesh ball gag & mesh blindfold - colour change

I usually leave the rood stuff to Zan, but…I really loved how this “Obedience” set from Shadow Moon fitted. You get a mesh blindfold, with a menu driven resize capability, plus a HUD for it to change the colour. I was sooooo tempted to make mine PINK…i dont know how I stopped myself ! There is also a mesh ballgag included, again colour change and menu driven for resizing…you will also find a kneeling cushion as an added extra inside the package …brill !

~Shadow Moon~