Hello my little love crumpets..

Im feeling so loved up today…life is gooood…and what better way to spend 15 mins than to go a’ huntin! nonono not those weasly wiley wabbits! TKO has a seaside hunt yiippeee! Youre looking for little buckets of varying colours all around the sim & in the store.each bucket is 10L and thats MEGA value for Kirsty’s gear…such fantabulous detail and freshly funkeh!..I found most yay! REALLY awesome stuffage..heres a few to wet your whistles…click on each pic for a larger view! (I DARE you, its a big boobie day hurrrah lol)

First up is a dress…Willow..nice un-zipped front…slitheryyyyyy

TKO Willow black dress

Next the gorjuss PINK honey top in starburst pink..it almost looks velvety…yumm

Honey top-starburst pink

Another top,this time with a fahbulous sculpted prim body..The Erin top

Erin top green

Now for my favvv…The LBD butterfly dress…I lubs butterflies ❤

LBD Butterfly dress

Skimpy tank in a really delicate shade…its boobalicious…

Hayley top in salmon

I also found the addiction hunt gift- not sure how long this will be there…so dashhhh…a great tube top ..

Gemma tube addiction hunt 0L

Good luck in finding all those buckets!!!…I noticed theres a LOT more gear out also have a good wander around this is sooper good gear!, plus the July dollarbie item is still out !

Taxi to Total Knock Out : TKO

Credits: Hair by Truth, poses by Diesel works & Miu