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Taste Of Second life – Cleo Design

Always a cause for celebration is a TOSL package from Cleo Design yippeeee! This time the theme is the Olympic Games…and naturally I was thrilled as it’s in my “backyard” this time around *squeee*…and just right for the weather and holding your very own Olympic partay…is this set..everything in the box to have a grand old time…special Olympic decorations for all the fence panels…strings of lanterns…and of course seating ! Each lounger is packed with poses…for a grandstand comfortable view of the games…but but but…handily…these red, white & blue loungers also have colourrr change…so they are superb for all year round yay! Wait..theres more…you also receive the table loaded up with party snacks and drinks…anddd a GIANT tv with vintage projector and table…showing synchronised swimming…plusss…two huge cushions..with sitting and workout animations (just incase you get the fitness bug with all the sport watching lol)  ALL of this (plus some items I just couldn’t fit in the shot- OMGAH!) is just 100L…Thanks Cleom ❤

Cleo Design

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I can sing a rainbow

I found this beautiful mesh dress by Pixel Snobs in the TOSL2 hunt…and I cant stop singing about rainbows ! Isnt it jolly? Broad bands of bright summery colours…and a few different choices of flower acent to pin at your waist….

I also paid a visit to GOS…who just happens to be one of my all time fav shoe & boot designers…and collected His gift for the same hunt…this gorjuss pair of tie-dye espadrilles !

Pixel Snobs


TOSL Blog for info

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Cozy inside

ohmaigosh…its snowing here ! Great big fat flakes that are already forming a deep blanky…hope I can get out of my house tomorrow ! To make myself feel more cozy & snuggly..Im gonna show you the new TOSL item from Cleo Design..(TOSL= Taste of Secondlife).  For only 55L you will receive all the furniture in the photo plusss the dinky sweet ballerina shooz ! Adorable pouffe stuffed with some great poses…a rug, sideboard, wall decal and vase of flowers…I really love that you can use the pieces indvidually…if your prim limited (like me!) it’s so handy to be able to choose what you have out. Thought my group gift from CandyMetal went really nicely with the I slung it on too …superb little outfit of shorts, suspenders,socks and tee- thanks Emychan xx

For “Spruce up your space” Cleo Design have this incredible collection “sewing time”…you receive all that you see above for just 400L.

I can’t stress enough that you really should read the info note that comes in the box ! If you don’t, you will miss out on all the goodness that’s packed into this set..the wearable items, the colour change menus and more..when I first looked at this chair, my initial thought was that it might not fit into my colour scheme..BUT ! after reading the info note, I saw that its colour change hooray! Brilliant sewing animation in it with wearables …and a heap of other sits make this one versatile chair.


I totally fell in love with this sewing table and its dear vintage  machine, once again its got animations galore plus wearable items to make it just that much more realistic.

If you’re worrying that all this gear will break your prim limit, don’t ! I love that you can pick and choose what you use and have out, individual pieces aren’t that primmy either..and youre looking at some quality items with heaps of detail. I think I might even split this collection up around my home, use the study desk in my office..the comfy chairs etc in the den..and perhaps use the sewing table in my utility area. It’s such a flexible set of furniture !

Thanks Cleom xx

Heres the links:

Cleo Design for all furniture

CandyMetal for group gift outfit

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If youre looking for value, snuggles & cozy

You really just can’t beat Cleo Design for value, seriously..with each release I am astounded by whats packed into the items. Not only poses galore but texture menus,wearable goodies and ohmaigosh, the sheer volume of pieces ! Above is the  “New Year Resolutions”, everything you see is everything you get *gasp*…the shabby chair is loaded with poses, including wearable such as a lap top & reading book, you can also play with textures for both chair & cushion…just adored the side table with its pot plant, book & cup of what looks like latte ? (aww it has a dusting of chocolate and a smiley face on the top!) The tall lamp will illuminate your reading and the long cabinet is just sooo retro , yes the door opens !

Also new is the Taste of Second Life set (TOSL) “Cozy Home Times ” for just 75L you get all you see in this pic pluss another couch I couldn’t even fit in shot ! The stove is majorly cute, even the little door opens to reveal the glowing wood & coals..darling enamel coffee pot on top with food that’s cooking…a side table with a beautiful arrangement of flowers, the sofa has texture change not only for the seats but also the pillow, a wrinkly rug, two prints for the wall anddd…

this couch & knitting basket is included, you can get the wearable items to knit from the little basket…everything you need to get cozy this winter ! Thanks Cleom xx

All furniture: Cleo Design

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Spotlight on…

New feature that I shall try to do once a month…”spotlight on”…it might be…or home decor…and this month its “Cleo Design”…a fantastic store to kit out your living & outdoor space ! I found Cleo design sometime ago in a hunt and just adored the furniture, its low to medium prim count and always each piece is stuffed with great poses and goodies. I’m not a great notecard reader to be honest, but one piece of advice so you don’t miss out on all the great features of your items from Cleo Design…READ the notecard ! You will need to click on various locations on the item to grab your wearables & props etc…

Something you will always notice with items bought from this store, is the high quality finish and amazing amount of details…I love that it’s not always linked, so you can choose the level of prims you use according to your resources!

Another design feature you will come to appreciate is that you get soooo many poses…not a mishmash of averagey type ones but good quality singles,couples & friends ! It makes your Cleo Design pieces much more versatile to have around your home, snuggle up to your loved one, chat with your mates or lounge around on your own..its all catered for..

One of my most favourites items lately is this magnificent suspended chairs..looks great outside on a porch or under a tree but also would work inside your home from a ceiling ! It has so many poses for you to relax in, alone or with a friend…Id really love one of these in real life for my garden ~le-sigh~

Lastly I had to show you the new TOSL item…I dashhhhed over to snaffle this up for myself. Not only do you get the sugar sweet patterned deck chairs,table and edibles…but also that terrific caravan in the background *faints*…(you really MUST read the notecard for this set, it’s literally exploding with goodies to wear & use !) It’s such a unique set , and the level of detail inside the caravan is just astounding…

The interior is packed with gems to find..can you spot the grassy haired pet on the shelf? Love it! The couch looks like its seen a few summers, all squashy and comfy..great poses in this to idle away a lazy day…from the windows you have a view of an idylic beach..(if I was camping in England it would so have to be a rainy grey day!)

If you’re snackish after all that laying around…head to the stove and rustle up some eggs *grins*…just adorable…and ALL of this..the chairs,table,caravan…can be yours for 100L as the TOSL offer ,better dashhhh cause I don’t know how long that will last !

Head over today and have a wander..inside the store door are some goodies for you to collect, interior displays are fab…dont forget to look outside at the garden & beach items and you simply must take a look at the houseboat…its sooper cute !  Good idea to join the subscribo also as Cleom is in a lot of the weekly special offers like  lazy sundays , TOSL SUYS etc, you dont wanna miss anything . Thanks Cleom xx

Go spruce up your home : Cleo Design