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Indulge Me (& a freebie).

Normally we like to take pictures that show off the item we’re blogging in as clear and natural lighting as we can and then we have this.  Super fun to take and an absolute stunning look.


This is yet another Mina hair which I wasn’t going to blog I was going to ask Baylen to do it.  It comes from the We ❤ to Roleplay event going on at the moment and although this is a very uni sexed hair do’s from Mina I just thought it would nice to see Baylen in a completely new way.  Then I found this dress and instantly I knew I had to show you not only the hair but another shade of the amazing PumeC Elvin range.  This is the light grey shade and you’ve seen the dark grey and once I find the perfect outfit you will see the white shade.


The dress I’m wearing  is a freebie from Topazia and I made a bit of a boo boo because I put on the full length sheath dress and completely missed out that it’s actually a wedding dress with shoes and an OTT hat included but since I’ve concentrated on the hair and skin you will have to take my word for it that as a sheath dress it’s super sexy.


So I popped back to Topazia to LM grab and decided that I would grab this other free dress from there and since that ethereal piano was hiding on the top floor I quickly changed my hair and Vogue’d for the camera. There is quite a few freebies here so even if you don’t like what I’ve shown you, or not as in the first case, you might find something else on the wall of GGs.

Nathalia Topazshop’s is packed with some seriously high fashioned gowns and dresses with bold and bright colours and texturing.  I’m not sure if it’s my comp but I just couldn’t see any demos and yet most of the stock appears to be mesh.  I’m popping back again to recheck that because there are some simply stunning gowns here and I really would like to try them on.  I’ve spotted that there is a Marketplace shop and a whole load of demos are available there but I cannot help but thing that the shop has more in it so try on a demo from the MP to see the detail and then come here to treat yourself.

PS and yes that is another Mina hair in the bottom picture.  I really do own more than just Mina hair but I just seem to find the right hair for the right look and it turns out to be a Mina!

We<3 Role Play


Topazia Marketplace



Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Sooper finds !

TOPAZIA- Dessine moi Paris (mesh) sweet blue

A new designer has caught my eye, store is called Topazia…and they have this darling little mesh dress out at the moment….baby blue with a cute Parisienne print on the body…simple and classy, love it ! I headed over to the store and to my surprise there were ooodles of group gifts out. (free join) I stole a few away to show you. My necklace is a new release by Addiction Jewelry…”Sideways Fleur de lis”, two colours of stone, perfect length. This set is pretty big with matching earrings and a special price for Lazy Sunday. My bangles were from a bumper pack of gear from Izzies, there is a box on the front desk priced at 10L, and OMG…itll take you monthsss to go through it all. Clothing (mostly non mesh), lingerie, jewelry, poses, I spied the bangles and dragged them out, can never have enough bracelets right?!

TOPAZIA- gift june - poke me ,im famous

Great (non mesh) jeans and  a mesh cropped sweater. The top has a cheeky slogan that says “Poke me I’m famous”…sweet.

TOPAZIA- Gift balmy evening dress purple gift

I really loved this “balmy evening dress”, another group gift…mesh again…two colours available in it..surprisingly I didn’t take the PINK one *gasp*…this lilac shade was sooo pretty I chose it to show you.

TOPAZIA-Ellya dress Chocoorange group gift FREE!

Last gift I grabbed was this , “Ellya”, mesh snug fitting frock wrap around style…gorgeous choco-orange tones. There were a few more pressies to collect and a vast well spaced store to mooch around. I spotted some lovely pieces and will definitely be returning for a better look.



Addiction Jewelry