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Broken links broken heart (Freebies n stuff).

I’ve just noticed that a link I provided in a previous post is  broken but fortunately I’m using a prop from the same place so I can relink you.  Honestly I hate it when that happens.  OK first the FREEBIE.

In my last post I showed you some jewels which are gifts from Zuri Lyric’s small shop Lazuri @the Cosmopolitan shopping event, easy to find this shop as it’s right on the corner next to the main entrance of the Cosmopolitan shop and it has some lovely yellow flowers in the window.  I was so impressed with these gifts this morning I logged in and TPed over to her main shop and found some more FREENESS!  Actually there is a free item to all and then if you slap the Sub board you get sent even more freebies and then because I was so impressed with them I even joined the Paid for group which costs 250 but I thought you get your monies worth back in spades with the 2 full sets you get and I know I have some outfits which these necklaces/earrings/bracelets etc will just look stunning with.

First one of the Freebies.


It’s the necklace, and earrings which come in the other freebie pack.  Comes with a really BIG menu which allows you to change everything from the stones to the bling or in this case the “glow”.  A stunning chunk perfectly fitting piece, although the menu allows you to change the size it fitted me perfectly. The other Freebies are much more subtle and everything comes with that full menu.


This is one of the paid for Group Gifts, a full collar of precious stones and metal.  Again that menu allows you to change everything about it.  You also get the matching bracelets, earings and 2 rings for both hands.


I had to take a selfie because I took these pictures in my new bathroom and everyone knows you take selfies in bathroom.

So OK I’ve had fun with the pictures, and my bloody appearance, normally with paid for items I like to leave them untouched but since you can get the freebies from the smaller shop@Cosmopolitan, I’ll put the link below, and the Sub and freebie from her mainshop you can use these to judge the quality for yourself before you cave in like me and treat yourself by joining the group.


The broken link is for Linus Humphrey Marketplace shop and costs a single Linden!  I’ve previously shown you the Urban warehouse but I also went back and brough everything else, from the Steampunk windmil to the old fashioned bakelite telephone not because at 1Ld they’re cheap but because they’re 100% QUALITY!


Just like my pictures of the warehouse I’ve just framed this picture and not changed it in any other way, the texturing is that good.

PS Yes I’m going to be wandering around SL dressed like that hunting down the next freebie.

 Lazuri Mainshop


 Linus Humphreys


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The Challenge – glug glug

The Challenge - Cleo Design

Phewww, got through a busy Friday and found some time to get some more items from The Challenge blogged for you. The theme this round is underwater..and Cleo Design has gone willlllld! This is a stonking big pack of items, your head will spin…Heres the vanity unit, sink, awash with those famous Cleom Bailey touches..tiny details , so lovely ! The shower deserves a special mention…low prim and sooper animations.

The Challenge Cleo Design - working Loo

In the box is also a fully working loo…and incase you’re in for the uhm “long haul”, it also dispenses a book for both females and males !

The Challenge Cleo Design

Last up in this set is the daybed and glorious aqaurium tank. The tank is especially fabbo…stuffed with fishes that mooch about (theres also a seperate swimming turtle which I fell in love with ! Plenty of poses in the daybed to keep you amused, it hands out wearables for certain poses, perfect.

The Challenge L&K submarine lamps

Love these little submarine lamps from L&K, two versions in the box and only 3Li each…one click to turn on and off, these would look SO fabulous in a nautical scene or home.

The Challenge Sensafine table

Last up for today is this jolly little table from Senzafine, it’s very sublte..and the octopus imprint on the top is exc eptionally well done. Only 6Li which makes it a real winner for brightening up your home !

The Challenge Blog


L&K Prefabs

Cleo Design

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Pee break !

I’ve been sooper busy today…and just HAD to dash for a quick toilet break….Iam on my new SL “throne” from Cedar Bay Furnishings…its SO cool… you even do a little wriggle to shed those panties or boxers before you sit to do your uhm..”business”…and for those unlucky enough to get a blockage…dont despair..theres also a handy plunger animation ! Animations for both males and females…its won a place in my home…great value also at only 125L ! Whilst I was sitting , decided to try on the group gift I found while hunting at [HUIT]. isn’t it a cutey? Really lovely demure face…lush lips…a cleavage and non cleavage version is included, group join is freeee yippee!

As I was looking for the Pimp my Hunters prize…I also won a few items from the luckyboards, eye makeup,lipstick and some lovely light coloured eyes – go stalk those boards girls. Above I’m wearing the prize skin, and what a beauty… I chose to wear the cleavage version…whoa gives me a good rack *wink*…a nice blush on the cheeks lends it a windblown wintry look…very wearable…one thing I especially like is the eyebrows…I find many skin makers tend to give no option and the brows are dark and heavy…not a great look for a blonde. However these are well-shaped, and not overly dark…just right.


Pimp my Hunters blog (hunt runs from November 10th till December 10th, absoloootly heaps of great stores in this)

Cedar Bay Water Closet