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A Dozen Good Eggs (Free!)

Gotta love an Easter Egg hunt right?! Well this one is superb – seriously. I was bowled over by the amount of gifts and the quality. Love this skirt and sweater outfit from Sn@tch, all the mesh body sizes included ! This is the Dozen Good Eggs hunt – each store has SIX or more eggs for you to find – some are easy peasy, some a little more tricky – great fun though and you get a cute Easter basket to carry as you search all the goodies out – yay!

Something for everyone, decor, clothes, accessories, was stoked the tms was in it, love that store. I found ALL these prizes at tms (the mustard seed) all adorable , low prim and keepers for me. Thank you to all the designers – brilliant fun !

Teleport and grab your Hud from the Hunt poster (its free) and off you go !

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Bring on Summer (hunt)

Dench Designs Hunt gift - remove & add all components via menu!

The bring on summer hunt has begun, and I’ve swiped a couple of gifts to share with you. Great to see Dench Designs in this event, and boy-oh-boy you really need to find this amazing prize! It’s a gazebo but with a difference – when you unpack it, it’s the gazebo & couch. When you touch the item a menu pops up so you can add all the rest of the lovely decorations! Of course adding extra’s mean the Li goes up, so you can pick and choose what you want, then if you need too – pack it away.

TMS Hunt gift !

I also spied the gift from the mustard seed, this sweet mother cat and her kitten – reclining under a tomato plant. Absolutely adorable!

Bring on summer blog (prize previews and hints)

Dench Designs


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Its all fun in the sun (hunt gifts)

Hunt Prizes - NEW!

I had a little downtime yesterday and decided to hook up with a couple of hunts that have just begun. The Welcome to summer & day at the beach hunt’s started on the 1st of June, so you have plenty of time to complete them. I trundled over to Fairy Angel Creations, I don’t usually find her hunt gifts as she’s pretty darn good at hiding them ! Struck Lucky this time though and found this sweet little beach scene. You get the sandy base, surf board and a bunch of lovely poses built right in. The bucket and decor are from The mustard seed, the lights on the branches actually twinkle ! (day at the beach prize for tms, welcome to summer for FAC)

Hunt Prize new!!

I also spied this AT FAC, the prize for the Day at the beach hunt – isn’t it fab? A lifeguards hut, complete with poses for the couch, dressing room, porch etc. Seem to recall it was 17 prims, this includes the decor and plants and ring. See blogs listed below for other participating stores and more info. All prizes cost just $1L.



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