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He’s a good kisser

oops! I’m lagging behind Steve with the latest in releases from T junction dammit…but even though there are no releases this week..I had to show this one ,love the logo *grins*. Special offer on till the end of the week…ten random tee’s have been reduced to just 25L !! Five for boys, five for girls…you just hafta findddd them…thats a massive 50L reduction…go seek !

Go get saving: Tjunction  (poses by Magnifique thanks Scarlet!)

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To a Tee

Hoooohaaaah new stuffage from T Junction always makes me a happy girly…above Im showing off in the “I’ve got your back” design..subtle and silly…I adore it (and of course its PINK)

Next up is the F Bomb…bright fire engine red…great logo…and as always comes on all layers with great shading & texturing…

Maybe my graphics card is lovin me extra hard this week ..or perhaps my new specs have kicked in…but Im sure these latest tee’s have a more marl effect texture? Whatever it is..I really like it…commmmme to the nerd side…great logo…fab tshirt…go mooch the store..luckyboards,discount area..guys dept is fantastic…which reminds me..Steve has some to show you also yay! thanks kalli x

Go get tee’d: T Junction


Cupcakes not war

If only everyone would….the world would be a sweeter place …new stuffage from T Junction hurrrah!

Slogans range from cute to funny to rooooood! You just can’t leave without seeing at least FIVE you neeed…great for gifts on the market place (instore is no trans) See it all here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/26976

Girls rule…yeah we dooo *grins* and I’ve got the Tshirt to proove it…ohhh other news also, there is a suggestion box at the store now, so if you have an idea drop it in the box, if your idea for a slogan/graphic is used, you get the tee free! T Junction are also participating in the Ch1C event and have  a pack of four tee’s for just 50L…see them here : ch1c event (lotsa other designers also in this,well worth a trip)

Dont forget to check the lucky boards and discount area for some old fav’s at reduced prices ! (thanks Kalli x)

Go get teed: T Junction


Say what you mean..mean what you say

Great batch of T Junction shirts out for your perusal this week..as always…they pretty much speak for themselves, they always strike a chord with me !

Each is shirt is just 75L, great quality…you can also purchase on the market place as gifts here : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/26976

Pop over to the store today, there’s a discount section ,guys store,freebies & Lucky boards !

Go say it : T Junction


My funny Valentine

T Junction - fcuk cupid limited edition

oh yippee !!! T junction has released loved-up goodness…with some special limited editions..click the piccies for a close up view..

T Junction - tweet hearts

aww aint that cute ..

T Junction - Try me limited edition

limited ooOOoo !

T Junction - Nerd are better lovers Limited edition

hmm jury is out on that *wink*

T Junction - I My Boyfriend

and I do …do…doooo

T junction - I hate valentines limited edition

Hop over today and snaffle up some lovey-dovey gear…or snatch a gift card for someone  !

Go get Tee’s : T junction