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Stoopid! No freebie but super tip!

I only logged into SL to dodge RL work but it turned out to be one of my better decisions today because I received a note from one of our regular readers called ImproLibra Silverstar and in her note, she explains how she makes “Hat Hair”.

Because I think she’s explained it so well I’m just going to copy and paste it here:-

“If you own a hairstyle that already comes with a hat or cap (has to be mod), simply wear it, then edit it and select only the hat or cap with “edit linked” and in the textures, tab makes that hat or cap transparent. That way the linked hat is not visible anymore and you can add the single hat you want to wear. Of course, you may need to adjust the hat to make it fit.”

And it bloody works!  I honestly mentally slapped myself that it turned out to be so easy!

I did this really quickly so you may see it’s not a 100% perfect fit, and not a really good hat, but trust me when I get back inworld I will be checking out all the hairs that I have that come with hats fitted and seeing which ones have the hat option that can be either unlinked/deleted or as in this case, I made the hat transparent and minimum editing skills are needed BUT also make sure you make a copy of the unedited hair first as if you make a mistake you won’t lose the original.

PS.  Anyone can feel free to drop me or Faith a note at any time.  If it’s a heads up for an event, gift or freebies we may not blog it BUT I can assure you that every note is read and fully appreciated.