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Liars! (freebies, cheapies, hunties)

They said that this was going to be a glorious warm weekend with oodles of sunshine and they LIED and the only “sun” I have seen today is the sun balloon I’m holding in this picture.


Any how I did some MP and SL Mooching and found some really sweet and simple mesh dresses. They’re only available on Mag<3.B. marketplace shop for a special price of 30Lds and for that small price you get a total of 4 shades, black, pink, blue and yellow, and in the standard mesh sizes.  Make sure you check out the shop as she has oodles of items at rock bottom prices and if I had to be honest there is another fat pack of simple summer dresses for the same price and if I had seen them first I would have grabbed them first.  So lots of bargain boots, dresses, tops etc.

shoesuseOK sorry but this is probably one of my worst pictures, I’m rotten at shoe shots and even worse at trying to catch the glassiness of this shoe so I fiddled with windlight.  Non SLink and doesn’t even come with a hud since this is a glass slipper effect.  I’m not sure how Tinka Bondar  makes any money in her shop because she is so generous with her hunt items.  I counted 26 and thats not all of them and this is only a small shop.  Packed with ballet shoes and some poses and of course all the hunt items.  Most of which are either dollarbies or in this case for these The Big Day Hunt shoes, free. OH and you get 3 crystal shades in the pack.

Mag<3.B Marketplace

Isis Boutique