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Cover Me.

Canopy 3

A quick mooching on the MP found these very handy canopies.  A total of 9 colours which are copy and mod for a promo price of only 49Lds.  Makes for a dramatic look.  Only 3 prims each.  Only come with 2 and not 4 poles a small but maybe important detail if you want it to go over a stall or anything like that but tbh easy to make your own poles or have them as intended which is to be attached to a wall, home or shop front as show in the next photo.

Canopy 4

I have to confess that this is a quickie post as I have to rush back to RL but I have also checked out their freebie of Dry Ground Prim and was most impressed so check out their MP some real bargain priced rustic decor items.

Starmark Creations

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The Drinks Are On Me

In the process of setting up my new home I’m scourcing new stuff so for a while I’ll be hopefully impressing you with not only my deccorating skills but my amazing Prim Busting Brilliant Finds.  Have a guess how many prims?  Each tray is only 5 PRIMS!  Look at the details from the cocktail unbrellas to the piles of fruit and only 5 prims! Although I found these on the Marketplace I had to come inworld to check them out because they just seemed too good to be real and heck no they are as good as they look.

The 2 glasses standing alone are the ones you get given when you click on the tray and they come with a drinking AO or in this case you can have them standing alone to make it look like a full bar and at 3 prims for the Tropical Milkshake and only 2 prims for the mango and kiwi drink you can have as many placed around as you want.  Each tray costs a more than reasonable 70lds and you had much more choices of very tropical drinks to chose from.

The place they came from is called HeadHunters and it’s very Tikki based in it’s furniture and clothing and yet as a non Tikki lover I was tempted by a number of things so if you are a beach lover you will adore this place.

Small Selection on the marketplace

Headhunters MP

Much bigger selection inworld