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Lets talk about…

Tia Bed adult

Lets talk about…Beds…snuggly ones…snooozy ones…naughty ones, role play ones ! Howabout…a bed that is all of those, wrapped up into one sooper pretty bundle with ooooodles of choices for colour tones…hmm? Wellllll I might have just the one for you. Say hello to the new arrival at [Tia], it’s the Mona Lisa bed. When I used to rent homes out in Second Life for a living…I was obsessed with beds…always searching for just the right one. With options so people could customise, stuffed with brilliant poses so they could snuggle up…chat..have fun . If only this bed had been on sale then ! Soooo, whats so great about it? It comes with a simple dimple to use HUD, so you can alter the sheets , the covers, the glass panel in the headboard , plus the finish on the bedstead itself. Above I’ve gone with the blue options, very classy and fresh ! Adore the white wood finish on the bed also…cant believe this is just eight prims.

Tia Bed G&N Robe

Here it is in the more neutral light pink tones…dont fret…there is a black and red raunchy option for those of you who aren’t into pastels ! Talking of raunchy…what Im not showing you here, is the VERY extensive BDSM/Dom/Domme menu , oh la la its sizzzzly hot…Player and I had a lotta fun with it *grins*. A lot of the poses in this section rez items to be used for your role play…a post..a cross…its uhm…*squirm* extremely well done…nuff said ! If you pop along to the store, you’ll see that there is infact a whole bedroom set that goes with this item, take a peek its über pretty. Thanks Tia >3

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Paris in the Springtime

Fameshed - [Tia] Little Paris Kitchen

Oh lala Gay Paris ! A place I often visit and vacation in, so how could I resist the charm of this mesh kitchen set by [Tia]?! It’s currently out at Fameshed…I dare you to go and play with it and leave it behind, its all set out for you to have a good old fiddle with. Its a super gorgeous collection with a lovely array of almost edible colour tones. The clever thing is…each piece comes with its own HUD, so you can co ordinate them all to match, or go realllly crazzzzzylegs and have them all different. The fridge and sink unit have poses, leaning, and naughty ones…you get a choice of adult or PG sets to buy.

Fameshed - [Tia] Mesh sink unit

I’m a real stickler for those little details on pieces that make the world of difference to your enjoyment of it. Each time I looked at this darling sink unit I noticed something new ! The sweet retro drainer, the grater, the boxes of soap suds hidden behind the spotty drapes…adorbs. Ohhh btw, when you hop onto the sink..the water rises, the bubbles pop and you can even hear the sounds of yourself washing up…how cool is that !

Fameshed - [Tia] mesh kitchen items

Part of the range is this mis-matched set of chairs and a table…each chair has a different style and poses…amorous ones for the adult set, with some really divine cuddles & snuggles. If you’re more OCD than I, you can always rez a set of the same colour, it’s all copiable.

Fameshed - [Tia] little Paris mesh kitchen items

Last photo, yes its dorky moi…trying SO hard to look like a Domestic Goddess…and failing. Behind me are the final two items in the range, the larder and stove…gawd Ive seen and used soo many of these little vintage style two hob cookers in France…love them. I added the bread and fry pan myself…nice touch I think. You wont believe just how low prim this all is..and you can purchase these as a set orrrr as single pringles…yay! Thanks [Tia] ❤


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