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Something a Big Bit Different!

Culprit NEW !

Oh WOW! I had a ball playing around wearing this Cyber suit & Boots from Culprit !! I was so surprised that Culprit made this sort of item – its AWESOME!! Hard to show but there are neon lights zipping around the body seams on the suit. The boots come along with the suit and they are totally a style Id wear and wear and wear.

Culprit NEW !!!

The body suit is all shiny and sci-fi – I need a blaster gun right? So many colours of this from black to bright green and every shade in between. Check out the skully logo across the chest !

Culprit NEW NEW

As you can see the boots are aged to perfection, fantastic textures for these also , you can wear them with the cyber suit or alone. Fits for: Maitreya, Maitreya Petite, Legacy and Legacy Perky, the boots has fits for : Maitreya & Legacy.

Thanks Culprit Team ❤

Culprit Inworld Store

Eye make up by Zibska

Backdrop “Space Mountain” by Synnergy

Hair by Magika – Eliza

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Goth Girl

So yeah, Goth isn’t really my thing..but once in a while something comes along that takes my this new release from CandyMetal “Little Goth” prims to mess about alpha layers required..just good old-fashioned layers of gothness…theres a coupla options for colours..but as my fetish for black & white is still going strong..I opted for ….you’ve got it..Black & White !

Big shout out to “erratic” who did this ginormous pack of shredded tights and thigh highs for just 50L last week…I keep finding ways to wear them…and of darling GOS slouch boots yumm….




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Show a little leg



=Blue Slush= has a coupla new items that I thought you might just be interested in…cause you knowww how we love our boots hmm? So, there’s boots..thigh high…in each colour pack you get two versions..the block colour..and  also a pair with a net look…fab huh?! I’m wearing the new lace boyshorts and bra above , along with the white mesh thigh highs…I freakin LOVE these boots…gorgeous details on them …



Had to try another colour of the lingerie andddd the boots… red & yellow is SO juicy…This time I wore the netted version of the boots…voila! There are seven diff colours of the boots to choose from…and at 150L  a affordabubble…the lingerie comes in seven varieties too and is only 99L per set…thanks blu ❤

=Blue Slush=