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My ride is here. (10Ld Bike).

My last post was the gift from 777 Motors in celebration of Pride Month and I try to remember to check out their marketplace shop just in case there are other gifts etc and thats where I found this “Sandstorm, Apocalyptic Desert Tourer” for just 10Lds.

Pretty well detailed and yet only 15 prims which means you can park this bad boy in front of your home/garage without it eating up your prims.

The listing says that this was updated on the 19,6.2019. Looks like you get everything you’d expect in a much more expensive bike pack such as camera and driver hud. The one thing I was confused by was the 2 bikes as they were both identical and yet one is named “track” and then I took this picture.

Yup with this bike you leave track marks, which of course do fade as you travel.

Very ridable although it has helped that I went to one of the MANY “The Wastelands” sims to have a drive.

The Wastelands is/is not a roleplay sim. Basically you can play here but just keep a few rules in mind, ie NO weapons unless they’re the ones provided by the wastelands rp game, no nudity so keep yer floppies covered, no sex, clean your sh*t up, don’t bother others and on and on just the common decent rules you’d expect which will make not just others but your own SL lifes a bit nicer.

OH and you don’t even have to get dressed up in RP clothes as they’re well aware that people use the sims for photos/backdrops etc and honestly no one minds at all.

777 Motors Marketplace Shop.

The Wastelands Maps.

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Cheap nasty trash.

I’m off out RLing today so I thought I’d do a very quick post of some really interesting decor items I picked up last night.

Yes, I have quite a few wells, pumps etc but this one is perfect for my back yard. 50Lds and only 1prim for the whole thing.  Great texturing and detailing even down to the old dry leaves in the bottom of the well.

I also picked up this tray of rusty old tin.

Again 1 prim and only 20Lds.  Actually, I wish I’d checked the Marketplace shop as there are sets of this sort of junk for only 60Lds.

I’m giving you both the inworld shop and the marketplace shop and I suggest you visit both but for different reasons.  The marketplace shop shows clearly the items for sale while the inworld shop is a ragtag of jumbled up mess but the inworld shop is based on the “The Great Fissure” sim.

OK, What I want you to do to when or if you go to the inworld shop, is go to your maps and check out this and the neighbouring sims.  Then I want you to fly around them all.  These sims have been up and running since I was created in SL.  They’re for people who want to Roleplay and also for people who don’t want to Roleplay lol.  These sims make amazing scenarios for roleplaying and it is encouraged but they have been created for people to come to take pictures, relax, join in with others or sit on their own navel-gazing.  The only thing that is asked of you is to not bother people, keep your danging bits covered and NO weapons. I do know that at one place you can get free weapons to use if you wish to have a “Barney” which is Geordie slang for a fight and of course clean up anything you have rezzed but for roleplay sims they’re so relaxed it’s very much a case of “you do you boo”.

Razor Bird The Junk Hole @The Great Fissure

Razor Bird (Marketplace Shop)

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Leather goods. (Freeness).

Friggen Frozzen in the UK, I just had to say that because I’m English and we like to moan about the weather.


One of my ALL TIME FAV SIMS, not sorry for the shouting, is the Wasteland sims.  I did a quick search in the Places box and there seems to be 22 sims for you to RP, wander, sit and contemplate life the universe and everything else.  I don’t use this place often as a background for pictures because it’s just too packed with such interesting builds above and below ground and I get so distracted to see whats over that hill behind that wall under that trapdoor and I would never get anything done.  What I think is also amazing is that this is a whole collection of RP heaven if you’re not into RPing it doesn’t matter.  If you don’t bother those who do they won’t bother you.  I actually many years ago and with an Alt actually rented a small patch of land, no this isn’t a rental and only has a tiny smattering of shops who sell RP accessories, so I’m not sure who or how I was able to rent this tiny plot from but I rezzed a tatty shabby old trailor and I would just sit there, this of course was well before I started to blogg and in all the months I sat there you would see everything from AVs in stripper heels to Werewolves and even funnier people just running around and around.  I also used to sometimes do my best Godiva impression and ride my horse naked through the sims such good clean fun LOL.  So this isn’t a rental and no floppy bits allowed no nookie and definately NO WEAPONS other than the ones that if I remember correctly can be found at the LM I’ve given.  When you rezz you’re in an underground bunker check out the boxes for weapons if you want but then you just walk through the door and up to the ground but this is just the 1 LM and if you want to see more then just type The Wastelands into the Places in your search box or fly to the neighbouring sims.  Once here you will find it very hard to get away as there is so much for you to see.

Back to basics though and some lovely Freebies.  The leather top/skirt is a one piece with the middle cut out.  Comes from Sarai Kruh’s shop Sweet Temptations and although I’ve had wind-light fun this is a very realistic black leather look you can almost hear the creak/squeak of it. Comes with all the standard sizing, fitmesh and I do believe the mesh body sizes so basically a fit for all.  If the LM doesn’t take you to the Freebie when you rezz turn right and it’s on the far wall and very easy to find.

The rose eye patch and necklace were last-minute additions because I had already taken a picture of the outfit I loved but when I got notice about the Freebie from Piexelbox I knew it would not only add to the whole look and since this offer is just for the next 3 days I quickly grabbed them and then TPed back to the Wastelands and took a quick snap before RL screamed for me.  The eye patch and ring is only available on the Marketplace and the matching necklace in the inworld shop.  Both come with a resizer and brightness hud.  I’m not a bit jewelry accessory wearing but thats only because time contraints often mean you have to miss out on putting a lot of the little finishing touches that someone else might do but I have a LOT of Pixelboxes stuff mainly because Marian Kungler had a big sale in her shop quite a while ago now and I just went crazy as I just love this style of accessory even if you don’t see me wearing it often.

PS would you have thought that the half shaved hair was a Mina’s?

Sweet Temptation

The Wastelands

Pixelbox Designs

Pixelbox Marketplace

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Is this your thing?


The latest offering from FATEwear is the Survivalist look and was an opportunity for me to go to one of the best RP sims in SL.  The Wastelands is a vast collection of sims packed with ruins, hidden bunkers, swamps, fighitng arenas,  homes and hidden abodes scattered about.  A dedicated RP sim however a not an unfriendly sim to the lonely wanderer.  Obviously if you turn up in a pink sparkly dress, fairy wings and a tiara you may not be asked to leave but if you fire off anything other than the free combat weaponry you can get at the Landing place then you will be asked to leave.  In all my years of loitering around the Wastelands sims the one thing I notice is how many loner runners you see.  People just running around the sim it’s almost like RL when people jog to relax.  So a thriving RP sim but one that also allows you to be completely alone.


Damien Fate has a new set of clothing out based on the World Famous TV program, The Walking Dead and I have to confess I know nothing  about this program. OK I do know some very basic stuff which is the main character, the one who wears the sheriff’s hat, has gone from being totally hot to desperately needing a shave, bath and a couple of hours on a Psycho’s couch, his annoying wife finally died in agony and their son looks like a stand in for the kid from the Omen films.  Then there is a woman with a permanently shaved head and one with dreads, an old man and a twink and then there is Boone the hottest bit of rough you ever want to see.  So in honour of this program Damien has brought out 3 new outfits.  The one I’m wearing is very much based on the character Boone with the layering and the rough worn look of the clothing.


The pants are also included and you have a choice of 3 textures (Alternative, Dark, Origional and I’m wearing the Alternative texture)and it’s called Reed.  One of the other new outfits is for the Dread locked lady (I googled images) and it’s a vest top and pants with a rough sack like hood and that one is called Danai.  The third outfit is for a more conservative man.  Pants, quilted vest. rolled up shirt sleeves and I have no idea of who the inspiration for this outfit was but it’s called Morris.

Although Damien is almost all casual or dressy outfits he does have a small and excellent RP section.  I have the Jason outfit from the Halloween films and he has both male and female costumes from the Harry Potter films and the best looking Dr Who outfit I’ve seen.  Pretty soon I will get around to blogging the cape I’ve had for months from here. Dramatic and subtle as well so perfect for RP or just making a statement.


The Wastelands

The Wastelands Blogg